Helen Hunt’s Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 6, 2015
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Helen Hunt began her studies in acting at a young age of 8. Since then she has worked in a number of TV shows and films both in front and behind the camera. Some of the hit television series and movie that she has been associated with are The Sessions, Cast Away, Mad About You, Twister, What Women Want, etc.

With around 48 awards and 59 nominations to her name, she won the prestigious Oscar award in 1998 for the Best Actress in a Leading Role in the movie As Good As It Gets. She has also been a winner at the Golden Globes Award four times in her career.


As she has worked really hard to maintain an excellent career graph she seems to have taken much more pain (quite literally) to maintain her looks. In fact since the past 5-6 years her looks have been the talk of the town instead of her work.

Although Helen never came out to confirm either of the two major controversial surgeries she had it was obvious that the drastic changes in her looks are not at all natural.


Even as she underwent various cosmetic enhancements, not all of them have worked well for her. The result that the first surgery gave her was not anyone close to what she had expected. This might explain Helen’s complete silence over the issue of plastic surgeries.

However the changes seen after the second surgery were equally clear and drastic. Remarkable changes have been noticed in her face and all within a span of few years.

It seems definite that Helen underwent the first plastic surgery in 2009. The consequences were disastrous to say the least. The former beauty shocked and scared everyone who ever dreamt of getting a cosmetic enhancement as she stepped out looking at least 20 years older than her age.



Her neck and face were filled with wrinkles. She became almost unrecognizable and instantly made it to the ‘plastic surgery gone horribly wrong list across the internet.

It is suspected that all this was the effect of not one but perhaps the many cosmetic enhancements Helen had experimented with. Thankfully Helen dared to go under the knife again in 2013 for a desperately needed repair. She not only managed to get all the previous damage undone but also eradicated the many signs of natural aging .



She appeared at the Film Independent award with a completely new look. She appeared much younger than her age as she evidently took a face lift and a neck lift to get rid of the wrinkles. The use of cheek fillers and a slight change in her nose were also noticed.

The use of Botox to make her look youthful and fresh even as she entered her 50s cannot be overlooked.


Helen is one actress who is now perfectly aware of what she would look like after a loss of her beautiful face. She has learned a lesson from her mistakes and has been making every effort possible to preserve her beauty for long. Whatever maybe the means, the end today is definitely very pleasing.

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