Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery – Before and After

By | Dec 22, 2014
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In case you did watch Disney channel as kid I am sure you might be quite familiar with Hilary Duff and if you still are a fan then you might have definitely come across news and rumours about her having undergone numerous plastic surgery procedures.


Hilary Duff is a singer and also an actress and was born on 28th September 1987. She got her first role when she was 14 years old in the hit Disney show Lizzie McGuire as the main cast Lizzie and since then has done many different roles in various other productions.

Tough she is actually still very young there have been many rumours and speculations floating around that she may have undergone few plastic surgery procedures to maintain her youthful looks.


Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Procedures

Now most Hilary Duff fans and people who are interested in celebrities going under the knife compare old images of her to the ones taken recently and come to the conclusion that she has definitely undergone some procedures.

The procedures these people speculate are a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is performed on the nose to give it a better shape and to make it look better. In other words a rhinoplasty is also known as the nose job.


These people also speculate that she has undergone breast augmentation surgery. If you ever looked at the images yourself you probably would believe them for a moment because there are quite a few noticeable changes in the images.

Now I do agree that the images make quite a compelling case and that she does look different but you have to keep in mind that such pictures don’t always give out the truth and since those images are almost year apart, most of the changes like an altered nose and enlarged breasts could possibly be due to various natural cause like growing up considering that Hilary Duff is still quite young.


It is not just the natural causes that can cause the differences in the images but also various other key factors like the dress she is wearing, camera angles, the colour of the dress, make-up she is wearing etc. that can make the pics look slightly different.

So attributing every change you see in her to plastic surgery procedures would actually be quite wrong.

Another reason as to why so many people are quite sure that Hilary Duff’s cosmetic surgery rumours are true because she herself went on record with Make Me Heal website and said that she does not rule out the possibility of undergoing cosmetic procedures in case she feels something needs to change.


Tough she has never come out in the open and agreed to having undergone any plastic surgery yet; her comments made on Make Me Heal website will always have people speculate about it but keep in mind that until and unless she or someone close to her or someone related to the surgery like a doctor etc. comes out in the open and talk about it all these reports are just rumours and there is a chance most of it is not true.



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