Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Sep 7, 2016
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Holly Madison, born December 23, 1979 is a New York Time’s best selling author,model and TV personality. She gained recognition after her role in E! reality television show , The Girls Next Door and in her very own series ,Holly’s World. She released two books in 2015 and 2016. Holly is the ex-girlfriend of the playboy founder Hugh Hefner. She is probably the only celebrity who openly admitted that she had undergone plastic surgery. Not many who’ve had some procedures done reveal about the work done on them. But this beautiful lady didn’t hesitate to express the truth. She revealed the secret beauty tips of celebrities to the general public , to large extent though !

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She has some beautiful features as it is but got some work done on her nose and breasts in 2009 in order to boost her halo. The plastic surgery worked wonders for her and resulted in an even more beautiful Holly Madison.

Breast augmentation

On the onset of her career she was pretty skinny and had a very flat chest. Her breasts wouldn’t compliment her body structure. She hence went through the procedure of breast augmentation in order to buff her breasts up ! this not only helped her gain confidence in herself but also helped her body structure to work its way to the top in her modelling career.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Unlike others, she decided to get medium sized implants done. She did this in order that her breasts suit her body frame. It is because of this reason her breasts seem just perfect and appear so natural. However, her breast measurements have shot up from a A cup to a straight D now!

Nose job

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery

Holly already had a pretty beautiful nose for her face but she preferred one that would compliment a lot to her facial structure. If we pay attention to her previous nose we can very well mark the difference in the form. Her previous nose was more rounded and puffy as compared to the slim and pointy nose that she possesses today. She exclaims that the nose job was necessary since she had certain medical issues such as nausea from anesthesia and sore in her chest that resulted in swelling.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Pictures

Although ,Holly admits to the plastic surgeries but she expects that her daughter doesn’t follow her footsteps. She wishes for her daughter to grow old naturally and gracefully. The surgeries have definitely helped her in getting a thumbs up in her career. She is currently married and has a daughter and a son she gave birth to on August 8 ,2016. Her surgeries haven’t affected her health at all. She is a beautiful lady and with medical help and support has achieved her body goals ! Her plastic surgeries are a mark of remarkable work by the surgeons.