Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

By | Jan 25, 2017
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Jaclyn Smith

Jacquelyn Ellen Smith famously known as Jaclyn Smith was born on 26 October,1945. She is an actress and business woman. She is well known for her role in Charlie’s Angels and remain their in that complete series. She worked in few films including Full Throttle, Night Kill and Déjà Vu. She started her marketing and developing own brands.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictures

She started her career in Television commercials in 1969. She got nominated for Golden Globe forTV film Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy under category of Best Actress. She hosted a reality show Shear Genius. She starred in Crime Scene Investigation as the mother of David. Smith introduced her women’s apparel in 1985. She introduced STYLE under Paula Young Wigs. In 2003, she survived breast cancer. She got featured in a documentary 1a Minute, about breast cancer.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After

Diva actress Jaclyn Smith known as Kelly Garrett from the hit version of “Charlie’s Angels”. Age creeps in between the career of hollywood celeb and they are left with no options. The only way they find it to be working is artificial augmentations to their rescue, their 40’s is the time when their surgeons can expect to extort enormous amount of money from them as there are easy chances that they will succumb to their not so natural advices.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After

At the age of 70, no regular women would be able to pull public appearances so effectively like Jacklyn, they start failing at the carpet and their confidence breaks as they age but Jacklyn can be kept aside as an exception whose beauty never faded. This constant maintenance is not looked without suspicion of plastic surgeries, it’s strongly believed that her bright face is a product of several surgeries. 

Her age hardly matches with her looks and aging gracefully is never considered a genuine option. With great features and superb skin, her young days were always bright and flawless but today the actress hardly has saggy skin or puffy eyes, she is 70 but refuses to look a bit older than 50. Unfortunately, it’s pretty clear that Smith took the artificial road to keep her looks intact.

1. Facial fillers

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Pictures

There are clear evidences of fillers being used at her lips along with her chin and cheeks as her lips still look fuller and luscious. There is not even an iota of change in the shape and texture of her lips. Similarly, she has hardly developed lines or wrinkles around her chin.

2. Facelift

Facelifts are done to pull the saggy skin back to normal and wipes out the lines of wrinkles. Smith made quite a few appearances where her face looked tight and the skin was subtle, which is jaw dropping at this age.