Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery – Before And After Photos

By | Jan 7, 2015
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Jaime Murray has fans all over the world but in case you have not heard about her before and want to know more about her note that Jaime Murray was born on 21st July 1977. People in the US hardly knew about her but she shot to fame after she played the role of a sociopathic support group character Lila West in the 2nd season of the very popular TV series Dexter.


Apart from Dexter she had played to role of Stacie Monroe in the well-known U.K. BBC One television series known as Hustle from seasons 1 to 4. In the year 2011 Jaime Murray also featured in the hit TV series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. Not only that, she also featured in 2 episodes of Ringer which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar.

As you may already know, Jaime Murray is well in her late 30s and hence many people are now starting to speculate if she has undergone any kind of plastic surgery procedure in order to preserve or enhance her looks or not.ja1

So the question is whether Jaime Murray has actually gone under the knife or is the rumour about it false.

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Procedures

There may not be many photos of Jaime Murray that can be compared to speculate the plastic surgery procedures she might have undergone there always are people who won’t simple give up. These people speculate that Jamie Murray might have undergone a rhinoplasty. This procedure is performed on the nose in order to make it look better and is commonly also known as the Nose Job.

A rhinoplasty is speculated because her nose is quite diminutive and flared at the nostrils. Apart from a rhinoplasty, many people also speculate that she may have undergone lip enhancements or restylane injections. It has been said that her lips are so poorly injected that sometime speaking some of the lines can be a problem.


Many people also speculate that she have undergone cheek augmentation with Radiesse or Perlane. This procedure is also known as a liquid mid-face lift. Speculation that she have had few changes made to her eyes or eye lids and that she might have received Botox injections have also been made.

Now although all of these speculations might seem true what you need to keep in mind is that none of these have been confirmed so far. In fact Jaime Murray has herself gone on record to deny that she has undergone any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure.


The Make Me Heal website interviewed Jaime Murray during the 2011 Emmy’s and she went on to say that she wasn’t interested in undergoing any kind of plastic surgery procedure and that she believed that as an actor one should not lose their individuality and also that so far she is happy with the way she looks and has never consider undergoing plastic surgery.

So until there is any kind of official confirmation, whether Jaime Murray has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not is a question fans from all over the world will continue to ask.

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