Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 4, 2017
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Janet Jackson and Plastic Surgeries

Singles like “Nasty”, “RhythmNation”, “that’s the way love goes” falls in her kitty. She is none other than a member of Jackson Five and sister of pop music legend Michael Jackson. It looks quite obvious that she opted for the cosmetic path like that of her brother’s.  However people think her cosmetic decisions were modest and required. She kept her surgeries under control.

Unfortunately even when she succeeded in maintaining the level of her surgeries to subtle, she could not stay away from the scanner. She was constantly judged for the speculated surgeries starting from a nose job and reaching to a breast augmentation along with a  weight reduction surgery.

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Given the fact that Janet is a  48 year old public figure and admitted that she underwent some surgeries to look flawless on screen. She claimed that the reason was one, “she wanted to look better and add confidence to her stints”.

1. Nose Job

The nose of the Jackson family has been treated several times, Michael Jackson was also ill for the same reasons.The shape of her nose clearly claims of a nose surgery, the shape surely complements her face but looks artificially carved. She hereditary had a a big nose with bulbous curves, but it now is well chiselled from the corners and the tip is sharp and pointed. She definitely got this job done during the early years of  her singing career. The shape of her nose was well made from the very beginning of her career but her childhood images clearly show us that as a child she might have been terrified because of the shape of her nose.


The shape of her nose is not the only thing to mention rather the height and position of the nose has also increased. The bridge is at the higher position than before.

2. Janet’s Liposuction

Janet Jackson ventured in for this procedure because just like the hereditary shape of her nose, she wanted to fight the hereditary figure structure too. Her body type is the one that can put on weight under negligence for sure and very easily.She underwent some surgery to reduce the excess fat accumulated. Her liposuction is responsible for the figure she owns. It waived any kind of saggy feature from her body, be it her thighs, stomach or arms.

3.Boob job

This surgery looks perfect on her when clubbed with her liposuction. Both of them together, leave no desires unfulfilled for a female public figure. The implants fit the best on her firm body.

Janet Jackson nose job

Her surgery looks really flawless and gives great look to her breast size. The implant suits her body and physique.  The cup size has increased to an attractive number.

However, Janet unlike her brother has been really lucky with surgeries or her decisions were planned and needed. Her constant dependence on these many surgeries even when she is extremely talented and her vocal cords and creative skills own the the stage, reveals the harsh truth that, “Talent must be attractively packed to become famous”.