Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | May 29, 2017
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Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery

Jeffree Star pretty popular in the field of  Singing, songwriting, and styling plus makeup. His enter fame can be attributed to his social media stints, basically, MySpace must get the maximum amount of credit. He could garner so much of attention even before Facebook came into being and a had whooping 500,000 friends. He is not just loved globally but his looks were quite controversial and a bit difficult for everyone to digest his style, few criticized him, others appreciated the eccentricity he inculcated.

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery

The kind of skin he has is just perfect for the camera and thus looks synthetically prepared. He has always kept under the surgery radar for such a different skin type. Apart from his skin, all his other features are finely polished and sharply chiseled. Speculations are always built around plastic surgeries like lip fillers, hair transplant, and chin augmentation.

Jeffree had the courage to stand up and face all the criticism from the haters. His single music album till date was not a big success but he kept the crown straight and went ahead with make-up tutorials and with some 4 million subscribers he need not look back. Unlike, other stars who call everything natural even when its natural, Jeffree was an exception who revealed all his beauty adventure and even exposed his boyfriend’s treatments.

Lip Fillers

Jeffree Star Plastic Surgery pictures

Jeffree’s lips are definitely what a stereotypical make-up artist must have, but it’s pretty certain that he wasn’t born with them and went to his surgeons to pump some additional fuel so that they look brilliant and luscious.

Chin Augmentation

Getting your chin fixed is not a very common option, Jeffree got it done to feel perfect. Quoting Jeffree Star, “I wasn’t born this perfect. I have had a bit of surgery, but not Michael Jackson-style.” His chin surgery was done for a part in Dr. 90210.Chin Augmentation is the most successful operation to provide a brighter definition to your chin.

Hair Transplant

Basically, Jeffree got no spark to be a star or someone with 4 million plus subscribers but his modesty has got him some exceptional results. He has become a role model for his audience, they follow his tutorials even more religiously because they count on his transparency.  He has no hidden secrets, from the very beginning he established the bond of truth and loyalty, which has worked in his favor.Jeffree even revealed about his hair transplant which is not easy for stars to admit. He even shared the video clippings of the process.Whether you like his surgeries or not, you can’t ignore the fact that he his abilities to embrace and face the truth are highly recommendable.