Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan And Workout

By | Mar 13, 2016
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The “sexiest woman alive ” in 2011 and ” most wanted body ” are the ultimate titles that dont come easy but this american actress born on february 11 , 1969 was bestowed with them . .Jennifer is a lady who garners a number of Crowns over her head has to stay stimulated and agile all the time and being amazing all the time but it is a tough job to do and requires a perfect mix of dedication &a “Diet”.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan

Her appearance seems to be natural and her figure well toned and her amazing figure leaves everyone scorching their heads either in amazement or in jealousy. Ofcourse , her trainers prepare a schedule which includes tiring workouts, meditation forher, but what is being in reports for quite sometime now is her “diet”. She follows a strict “Zone diet” developed by ” Barry sears” which relies on the principle that diet must include 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, & 30% protein each day, for a quick insight into the principle we can have one example


  • 40 % carbohydrates
  • ( Fruits , vegetables etc)
  • 30 % proteins
  • (Chicken , fish , turkey)
  • 30 % fat
  • ( Olive oil , avocadoes)
  • The way the word”Diet” is used generally is highly condemned by her, she pays a lot of stress on the fact that diet means changing eating habits for a long term & eating healthy stuff.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan and exercise routine

A detailed description of her eating portions follows below:

  • BREAKFAST- whole wheat toasted bread along with apple butter , a cereal bar & large chunks of cheese , a shake made up of coconut water.
  • LUNCH- different version of salads (pieces of cheese , lentils, cucumbers, tomatoes, white beans, parsely) , celery soup.
  • EVENING- White fish cooked with nuts along with steamed green beans, marinated salon fish topped with asparagus, shallots and mushrooms chicken burmto cheese.

Jennifer Aniston Diet Plan and exercise routineShe has a craving For Mexican delicacues and even advise everyone to have portions of junk frequently (like once a week) to satiate the quench .She relies on a high protein, low fat eating regime & complements her meals with omega 3 rich fish oil which rejuvenates the skin & hair, control weight , help the heart to be healthy and she is an advent believer of the wonder called water and calls it the only thing that helps us to get rid of the fat cells


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