Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

By | Dec 18, 2014
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When you thing of actresses like Jennifer Coolidge who even after so many years still look pretty much the same as they did few years ago, the first thing that comes to mind is a plastic surgery. Jennifer Coolidge was born on August 28, 1963 and came into spotlight after her role in the American Pie as Stifflers mom and since then has been acting in a lot of TV series and movies.


Even though by now she is well into her middle ages when you compare her old and new pictures you will feel as though she has hardly aged at all. Many people have attributed this to plastic surgeries, though there are no confirmed reports yet about it.



The Case for Jennifer’s Surgery

When you do finally reach your middle ages as an actress it is believed in certain parts of Hollywood that you are not good enough to compete with the younger actresses like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian etc. as far as beauty is concerned.

Though it is quite clear that Jennifer Coolidge hasn’t tried to make herself look any younger but she definitely does not seem to age with time. If you ever try comparing her then now images you may feel like they were taken during the same year which is actua
jen2lly quite an impressive achievement under any situation.

What most people seem to agree upon is that though Jennifer Coolidge hasn’t had a major surgery like Jocelyn Wildenstein, who was more popularly known as ‘Cat Woman’ had undergone, she definitely has undergone numerous kinds of small procedures that help her look the same way as she did in 2003.

It has been speculated that Jennifer Coolidge may have taken Botox injections and also undergone Restylane that help her keep her quite prominent lips full.

Even her skin still seems to be quite healthy and unharmed and that is why it is speculated that she may have undergone chemical peels. Chemical peels help increase the durability of the epidermis thus making her skin look unchanged.

Along with all of the above mentioned procedures many people believe she may have also had a slight brow lift and also a slight face lift to tighten up her jowls which should have actually been drooping after she was able to lose a huge amount of weight in her middles ages.


Make Me Heal is an excellent website that’s contains a lot of information and speculation about celebrities that have undergone various kinds of procedures to make them look younger and more beautiful and they seem to have consulted a few plastic surgeons to get more information about whether Jennifer Coolidge had undergone some procedures or not and if she had what kind of procedures they think she might have undergone.


Most surgeons that were consulted by the website seem to agree that Jennifer Coolidge had undergone procedures for facial fillers, lip augmentation and also had a Botox. They also seem to agree that she wasn’t trying to make herself look younger but instead she had procedures of preservative nature.


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