Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 14, 2016
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Jennifer Grey was born on March 26, 1960 in New York City. She is the daughter of the famous academic award winner and stage actorJoel Grey and Jo Wilder. This jewish girl has acting in her blood. even her grandfather was comedian and musician known by the name Mickey Katz. Grey studied in the Dalton school, a private school in Manhattan, where she learned dancing and acting as well as met her best friend actress Tracy Pollan.

Jennifer Grey, a name known for the commendable acting and dancing skills. She is loved and respected by her thousand fans and once used to be a heart throb for many but her attraction for looking better and younger turned out to be fatal. Her name is now listed as one of the worst plastic surgeries of the Beverly Hill. People say that before going for the surgery, she was a well-known name but after coming out of the clinic no one not even her fans were able to recognize her. When we compared her before and after pictures, we were able to see how different her face looks after the surgeries, its like holding pictures of two different people.


The name and fame she build after winning Dancing with the stars and from her acting in movies like Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, all turned into dust because of her surgeon’s mistake. It is said that she went under the knife for fixing the bump on her nose but came out looking totally different. This simply states that Jennifer dint wanted to reveal all the details of her surgery. After facing so many criticisms she finally revealed how unhappy and angry she was from her decision.


After comparing her pictures our team of surgeons prepared a report and they clearly revealed the fine details of her plastic surgery. According to them Jennifer Injected Botox for making her skin more smooth and wrinkle free. If you guys notice, you will be able to see how there are no wrinkles on her forehead and near her eyes. Her surgeon tried to make her lips look plumper. Her eyes now look a lot narrowed and even her skin looks tight, which is a clear sign of skin lifting.


But unlike those celebrities who found a fortune after plastic surgery, for instance Zac Effron and Iggy Azalea. Jennifer’s surgery turned out to be a nightmare for her. Her pursuit to look young forever turned her world upside down. Her fans are still not able to understand, why she chose to take such a big step even after having such killer looks. But no matter how weird she looks now they still love her and appreciate her talent.


Grey is famous for her beautiful acting and dance and always be, her new annoying looks may not please all her fans but some really do not mind how she looks, unlike Grey her face is not a priority for her fans and what matters to them is the way she performs on the big as well as small screen.


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