Jennifer Lawrence Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 10, 2015
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jJennifer Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990. She was involved in a range of things like cheer-leading, field-hockey, softball and modeling before she began acting at the age 14 with MTV’s commercials like My Super Sweet 16.

She then took up small roles in films and TV in shows like The Big Engvall Show (2007), The Poker House (2008) and The Burning Plain (2008), etc. she got the attention needed to kick start her career through Winter’s Bone (2010).

Since then she has been a part of blockbuster hits like X Men: First Class (2011), Silence Linings Playbook (2012), The Beaver (2011), American Hustle (2013), House at the end of the Street (2012), etc.


Lawrence also created a record of delivering the highest grosser on the U.S. Box Office for two consecutive years through films in which she was the sole female lead.

The two films were The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in 2013 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1in 2014.

In 2011, she was named one of The Most Beautiful People in the World by People’s Magazine. Recently, many rumors about Jennifer Lawrence’s plastic surgeries have surfaced.

The actress herself never confirmed any of them except a rhinoplasty. It is suspected that she had some work done on her eyes and lips as well.


Lawrence claims that she has a rhinoplasty or rather a septoplasty in order to correct a deviated septum. It is a corrective surgical procedure done to straighten the nasal septum (which is the partition between the two nasal cavities).

However, a difference is also visible in the shape of her nose which suggests that she indeed had a full cosmetic procedure. Her nose is now thinner and has lost the slightly bulbous tip it had. It is very well defined now and has contributed a lot to her facial aspects.

The difference in her eyes is also remarkable when one compares her recent pictures with the ones take at the start of her career. Her eyes are comparatively wider now which indicates a blepharoplasty (commonly known as an eye lift).


It reduces the bagginess from the lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. These effects can be noted clearly in Lawrence’s eyes. Her beautiful eyes have definitely improved her looks and have made her much more confident about her looks.

Even the shape and size of her lips is different from what it used to be before. Lawrence must have had her lips enhanced increasing their fullness and volume.


Her lips are not just plumper but a slight snip is also apparent on her upper lip. The upper lip surgery has given her a beautiful wide smile.

Many people also believe that this also helped her become more expressive onscreen.

Lawrence is one of those few celebrities whose plastic interventions have only worked wonders for her. They have given her a well defines facial harmony making her look prettier than ever before. And have contributed significantly to her rising career graph.


The success of her plastic surgeries can be understood from the fact that a look alike of hers has spent $25000 on six difference surgeries in order to look like her favorite star.

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