Joan Collins’ Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 28, 2015
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Most of you may know about Joan Collins but in case you do not know about her note that Joan Collins is very popular actress and has fans all over the world. She has been an actor for almost 60 years now and has appeared in both films and TV shows.

Joan Collins was born on 23rd May in the year 1933 and so far has won various awards and has many books to her name. She is known around the world for her role has Alexis Colby in the hit TV show Dynasty. Apart from that she has featured in 2 movies which were based on novels and were written by her sister Jackie Collins.



Joan Collins has been married a total of 5 times and is currently married to Percy Gibson. They got married in the year 2002. She is the mother of 3 children.


Apart from her acting another thing Joan Collins was quite known around the world was for her plastic surgery procedures which come as no surprise as most Hollywood actresses undergo procedures in order to look young.


So the question everybody has been asking is whether Joan Collins has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related to it completely false.

Joan Collins Plastic Surgery

When you compare before and after images of Joan Collins you will notice that the changes in her face can be noticed quite easily. The plastic surgery procedures Joan Collins is speculated to have undergone are a facelift, brow lift and eyelid surgeries. She is also speculated to have undergone a rhinoplasty, Botox injections and facial fillers.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer who is a popular plastic surgeon in Miami in an interview stated even in her middle ages Joan hardly seemed to have aged at all and since there is no sagging of the skin anywhere is her face he speculated that she may have undergone a face lift, a brow lift and also a few eyelid surgeries.


Another well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif who lives in Beverly Hills, California speculated that since her face is wrinkle free and her skin is still vibrant she has received Botox injections. According to him she may have also undergone a Nose job at some point of time in her career.

Other procedures he doubted were a brow lift, face lift and facial fillers. He also stated that Joan Collins should not consider undergoing any more plastic surgeries because it may make her look bad.


If you ever came across Joan Collins and asked her about the rumours related to her plastic surgery procedures, all you will get is a no. She is firmly against plastic surgery procedures and in an article she even went on to say that she considers Botox to be poison.

So far Joan Collins hasn’t been open about her plastic surgery procedures and thus there is no way to prove them. Now whether she speaks about them in the future or not is still not known.

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