Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Jan 1, 2016
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Joan Alexandra Molinsky, famous by the name Joan Rivers was a brilliant comedian. Born in 1933, in Brooklyn New York. Joan was the daughter of Beatrice, a Russian Jewish immigrant and Meyer C. Molinsky.  Joan was a woman of many talents. Apart from being an actress Joan was a comedian, writer, producer, and television host  too.

she came under the lime light in 1954 and from there nobody could stop her. From comedy to acting, her journey was sweet and in between all this came the rumour that she had gone under the knife. The local newspaper, celebrity magazines and sites were filled with tons of before and after surgery pictures of Joan. Her new weird nose and creepy face was loudly directing us towards a badly done plastic surgery.


In many of her jokes she mocked the believers that she has gone under not only 1 or 2 but 700 plastic surgeries. Joan herself admitted that she has gone under many plastic surgeries, which included a nose job, skin peel, botox injection and many more. She was honest and humorous. In an interview she trolled that she wish she had a twin sister so that she could see, how in reality she used to look. By looking at Joan, anyone could see that she had given up all her hopes of looking beautiful again. She was settled with what she had but the race to look good ignited a new fire in her, she went for some more surgeries, things became wild and nobody keep Joan away from the surgeons knife.


To be honest these surgeries really did their work. Even in her 50’s no body could se a single sign of ageing. No wrinkles or lose skin. It was like she never aged.

She was loved by many and mocked by few for going under so many surgeries. Many people liked her the way she was. She was a true beauty but some just couldn’t understand her pursuit for more. She was a fine looking lady but just like her shows she wanted a little more drama in her life too. Joan was a great comedian but nobody knew that she’ll turn her face into a mockery too. Joan wanted to free her youth but her approach was wrong as a result things turned upside down.


Joan became quite famous after her show “late night with Joan Rivers”. Time elapses so fast it was like tomorrow when her career stared and then she was 80, still with all that glamour but who knew that her addiction with surgeries would become the reason of her death.


She was in her 80’s when she went through a throat surgery, it looked fine first but as time passed Joan faced problem in breathing and due to lack of oxygen she died, the year was 2004. No matter whether she is with us or not, she will always stay alive in our hearts.

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