Joan Van Ark’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 19, 2015
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Joan Van Ark is actually a very well-known actress in Hollywood but in case you do not know about her note that Joan Van Ark was born on 16th June in the year 1943.

At the moment people around the world know her for her roles in Valene Ewing in Dallas and Knots Landing. Joan Van Ark is one the few Hollywood celebrities who hasn’t been involved a lot of marriage drama.


She has been married to John Marshall. They got married in the year 1966 and have been together since then. They have one daughter together named Vanessa. It was at the end of show that she was asked to star in the Knots Landing and from there she never looked back.

She has also been part of Broadway productions and has also appeared on various TV shows and films. Joan Van Ark is now into her 70’s and thus news that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to look young comes as no surprise at all.


So the question is whether Joan Van Ark has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it just pure speculation.

Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery


Before and after images of Joan Van Ark which you can find on the internet clearly show that there are quite a lot of changes on her face and body. The plastic surgery procedure Joan Van Ark is speculated to have undergone includes a rhinoplasty, cheek implants and also Botox injections.

In case of Joan Van Ark, a rhinoplasty has been speculated because her nose looks to be more defined that it did before. A rhinoplasty is also known more commonly as the Nose Job. Cheek implants have been speculated by many because her face looks plumper.

Botox injections have also been speculated by some people because even at this age her skin looks smooth and there appears to be no sign of wrinkles. Her face also looks pulled and tugged suggesting that she may have also undergone a face lift in order to tighten the skin around her neck region.


In case of Joan Van Ark many people believe that she is an example of plastic surgery gone wrong because due to the procedures she has undergone her skin looks to be botchy and makes her face appears unnatural and odd.

Note that Joan Van Ark like most celebrities has never spoken about undergoing plastic surgery procedures. In fact in an interview when she was asked about going under the knife she simple chose to avoid the question.


So far there is not enough evidence to confirm that Joan Van Ark has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures although her before and after images do make a strong case and till the time Joan Van Ark doesn’t say something related to the rumours it looks like the rumours and speculations related to it will continue to float around for at least a few more years.

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