Julianna Margulies Before And After Plastic Surgery

By | Jul 22, 2016
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Julianna Margulies

Julianna Margulies was born on June 8, 1966 in Spring Valley ,NY and is the youngest of three daughters of Francesca, a teacher and dancer and Paul Margulies, an advertising writer and philosopher. She obtained her B.A. degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and later worked as a waitress after which she banged in with her first role as a prostitute inĀ Out for Justice.

After a year full of dramatics and ad services she got her second film and also started giving guest appearances in several television series. She is famous for her role in ER regular and has made a mark in the industry for her acting skills and charming looks.

Julianna Margulies botox

Has Julianna Margulies had a plastic surgery done?

Plastic surgery seems to be the talk of the town, every now and then we get to see celebs getting various changes done to better their looks and features. It has been a trend and it seems it will be followed for long.

Since there are many celebs getting plastic surgeries done Julianna is also a part of the list.There are several rumors of Juliana having plastic surgery done. Though she has never ever pinched the topic of her going under the knife but it is obvious that who would like to talk about such changes and procedures of hiding ageing. She must be in her middle forties but the fact is that her skin is still glowing and is perfect. So here are a few speculations being proposed lately for Julianna getting the surgeries done which are Botox injections, facelift and an eyelid surgery.

Julianna Margulies skin lift

Botox: the speculation of her getting Botox injections seems to be true after a comparison between her before and after photos. The lines and wrinkles have completely vanished which started reflected her arising ageing in her late thirties.

A facelift is also being speculated but because that glow and shine that one gets after a face work is not there and there is no probable difference in her face construction, it seems unjustified.

Julianna Margulies before and after surgery

Eyelid surgery: like other actresses getting their eyes perfect, Julianna is no less and is speculated to have her eyelids tightened up. It is rumored that her eyelid changes are because of the fact that she wanted to bring in more facial expressions and emotions and that will help her in adapting to different roles.

But many times people get their surgeries overdone due to which the results are repulsive. But, Julianna has had a perfect surgery done which gives a relative taste to her looks. Even if she has got the desired facelift her looks are ravishing and it completely suits her body. So there is no overdoing in her looks and that is the best part one needs to take care of while getting a plastic surgery done.

The face construction she has developed after the surgery complement her looks perfectly and she has had a perfect choice of her getting hitched like other Hollywood actors.