Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 25, 2017
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Julianne Moore

Julie Annie Smith now known as Julianne Moore is a world famous American Actress. She is a very talented woman and is well known for playing emotionally troubled characters in movies. Her amazing acting skills has helped her to become a really successful actress. The audience, the industry, the crits and everybody else just love to watch her perform. She is really remarkable and this has helped her to grab on some of the most prestigious awards, including the OSCAR for the Best Actress.

 Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery

Although the journey till this point has not been easy for her. Julie was born in North Carolina, USA in the year 1960. It took her almost 25 years to make her way into the industry. In 1985 she became a part of Broadway theater. Later that year she finally managed to make her way on the TV screen. By this time she had put her career on top gear and was speeding up. She did many TV shows, played many roles and finally, in the year, 1990 Moore appeared on the big screens. Since then there has been no stopping her. She is constantly growing and I hope she continues to grow.

All these things remind me of something my friend’s uncle said to me “with great powers, comes great responsibilities”. Julianne has too much power right now, which has burdened her with responsibilities. Her biggest burden on her right now is to stay as gorgeous as ever. Frankly, she is doing a very good with it. As much as I know Julianne is a cent percent natural beauty. She is taking very good care of her and trying her best not to get involved with anything unethical.Although there have been some rumors about her having artificial beautification treatment. Let me at least tell you what people say



The world of riches is filled with old plastic women. Among them, one of the most common artificial beautification treatment is buttox. We all know the signs of aging are very difficult to hide. The wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness etc can’t be helped after a certain age. Especially its very difficult to avoid it when it comes to women. So to look young as ever, women use buttox injections. There have been rumors that Julianne has used Buttox to revive her flawless skin and look as flawless as ever. I have an opinion that this rumor can be true. I mean Moore is in her late 50’s without showing any signs of aging. Her skin is as flawless and as young as ever. This may be a result of good care but the probability of that is less than 10%. Such beauty is a sure shot result of buttox. If you don’t believe me, just compare the before and after pictures of her and you will know it.



According to Moore, plastic surgery is just a scam. She is completely offended by the idea of going through plastic surgeries and is strictly against them. In her every interview she has successfully managed to show her disrespect for the procedure and assured about her distance from the procedure.