Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures


An amazing television personality, Julie Chen was born on January 6, 1970 in New York City. She is also a news anchor, presenter and producer for CBS. Julie did her schooling from Junior High School in the Whitestone and graduated from University of Southern California in 1991. She majored in English and broadcast journalism. Chen started her career by interning at CBS Morning News and then worked as a news anchor for WDTN-TV in Dayton. U.S. version of CBS reality program Big Brother was hosted by Julie Chen in 2000 and she was the longest serving host of the show.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

She has always been praised for her wonderful anchoring. She is also the co- host of show The Talk. Her other prominent work includes anchoring at The Early Show, reporter at WCBS-TV and NCIS: Los Angeles. Julie is fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese and is also a devoted yogini

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

Chen has been in spotlight constantly for many years. Most of the celebrities undergo the knife to secure their job and continue with it. They have to adopt surgical procedures in order to look better and more attractive. Showbiz world demands that celebrities should fake their appearances and look in all different way. Julie Chen is also known to have some plastic surgeries. There are rumors mainly related to her facial features. Her Chinese eyes made her looks disinterested and her eyes were too small to match the job of an anchor. The foremost reason she went for a plastic surgery is to get bigger eyes. She had blepharoplasty to continue her job and now the anchor has beautiful eyes.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

Julie also revealed that she had gone for rhinoplasty over a decade ago. She had the risk of being held back when she was in her mid-20s. So she made a decision to thin her nose out and tuck in her nostrils. A lot of difference can be seen in her photos that showed significant change in the shape and size of her nose. Nose job is another successful plastic surgery which this American presenter had. Chen is also known to have Botox to remove the emerging wrinkles from her face. This was done to improve the appearance of her face as she has to be behind the camera all the time. Wrinkles are the sign of old age and as a celebrity she cannot end up with that so Botox was the only way to make her face look clear and graceful.

nose job Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen is a famous name in news anchor arena. She had pursued her dream in the most prosperous manner. To keep her job safe she went under the knife and came up with a pleasing look. She had two successful surgeries which made her eyes bigger and her nose pointed. Her journey is incredible and her work as a presenter and anchor is amazing.

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