Kangana Ranaut Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Sep 19, 2015
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Kangana Ranaut born on 23 March 1987, is a bollywood actress. Kangana was born and brought up in Bhambla now Surajpur a small town in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, into a Rajput family. Her parents Asha and Amardeep both worked hard to make her dream come true. Kangana also has a elder sister Rangloi, who is Kangana’s manager. The two sisters have a younger brother too named Akshat.

Bollywood’s popular queen Kangana Ranaut is the new gossip in the B- town. Her perfect features and bubbly smile has taken away a million hearts but the real credits goes to her wonderful acting. Kangana came into the lime light from her mesmerizing performance in the movie “queen” as Rani.

Not even her fans but big celebrities like Amitabh bachchan praised her and admitted how talented this young beauty of Hollywood is.



Taking small steps at a time kangana has covered a very big journey in the world of fame and glamour. With so much new talent and competition around it is expected for her to go under the knife to keep her beauty everlasting.

When we compared kangana’s before and after pictures we can Clearly see that she has put off a lot weight but the things, which looked different, included her lips and nose. We are not sure whether she had a boob job or not but we are quite sure that we can notice big changes when it comes to the shape of her nose and lips.



Our experts study her case and came out with a conclusion notifying us about the surgeries she may have had. The list included breast implant, nose job, and fat injection on the lips.

Being so fair it is very important for kangana to keep her skin young and glowing so there are chances that she might have taken injections for keeping her skin glowing and blooming always. But we certainly can’t ignore that she hasn’t yet claimed anything about having plastic surgeries and the advancements, which are being introduced in makeup, and special effects are way too awesome. With the help of makeup you can even make an old man look 30.



In the end we are unaware of the real truth and all we can do is trust kangana and love her for the talent she has.She is one of the highest paid actress of Bollywood and has been widely appreciated for her role in movies like QUEEN, Tanu Weds Manu, Tanu Weds Manu Returns etc. She is famous for protesting again colour discrimination and has refused many misleading advertisements, portraying fairness mandatory for looking beautiful.

In many interviews Kangana has been revealing that her own sister has brown skin and yet she looks very beautiful, so According to her by supporting fairness products she’ll be sending a wrong message to her fans and consumers.

Kudos to such a beautiful thinking and maybe thats she is known as the Queen Of Bollywood.


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