Kangna Ranaut Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 28, 2015
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Kangna was born on 20th March 1987 in Himachal Pradesh. After completing her studies in Dehradun, she worked in theater in Delhi and also trained in Kathak. After a period of struggle, she finally bagged the lead role in the film Gangster (2006). Kangna has been careful in her choice of films right from the start of her career and worked in films that established her as a promising actress. She gave splendid performances in films like Life in a Metro (2007), Fashion (2008), Raaz (2009), Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (2010), Tanu Weds Manu (2011), Queen (2014), etc.


Kangna received the Best Actress National Award for the film Queen. She has another 9 awards and 12 nominations to her name. Despite working in many B-grade films early in her career, today Kangna is ranked among the A-listers in Bollywood.

Kangna has always been known for her great sense of films and fashion. Despite this the actress couldn’t keep from falling into the trap of getting the perfect yet superficial looks that everyone in the industry is running after. It is surprising for many that an actress who is known for her unconventional ways and for breaking most of the unwritten codes of Bollywood has also joined the rat race.


It is believed that she has had a lip job, facelift and breast implants in order to enhance her looks. Even though she has always denied such rumors, a comparison of her early pictures with the latest ones instantly reveal the truth.

The rumors of a lip job came up after she featured in the film Life in a Metro. Earlier Kangna had thin lips. In the movie however, her lips were drastically changed. They were bigger and fuller than before. Now, her lips became the most prominent feature of her face.


It is also suspected that Kangna went for a facelift. Her cheeks and jaw line have visibly changed. Her cheek bones are uplifted making her face look chubbier and fuller than before. Her jaw line is also more angular than before, adding a lot of definition to her face.


Apart from her face, her figure has also improved a lot over the years. Even though the weight gain might be a natural one coming with age, there is a considerable change in her breast size that has led to the rumors of a breast implant. Her breasts are significantly fuller and voluminous than before. After the breast augmentation procedure Kangna definitely looks sexier than before.

Even though Kangana has never confirmed these rumors, they have had quite a positive effect on her looks and career.

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