Kareena kapoor Diet Plan Revealed

By | Mar 2, 2016
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Kareena kapoor diet

Kareena kapoor now kareena kapoor khan is a hot sizzling actress of Bollywood who belongs to the famous kapoor family. Beauty and talent runs in her family, she has given a number of hit movies like Kurba, Jab We Met etc. Kareena was born on 21 September 1980 in Mumbai. Her parents Randhir Kapoor and Babita and has another hit actress Karishma Kapoor as her sister. Kareena was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, that’s why as a child she was very chubby and bubbly. Little fat kareena was the love of her parent’s life. She was happily living in the laps of luxury and nobody could say that she some day she would be one of the sexiest celebrities of Bollywood.

Before coming in the lime light, kareena worked very hard to get a hot body shape, she hired expensive dietitians, got enrolled in a gym and said good bye to all those yummy fatty treats which very precious to her as a kid. Are little bebo had to give up burger, pastries etc. to become a hot babe.Apart from dieting, Kareena also started heavy exercising and power yoga, yoga helped her to keep her inner as well as outer body fit while heavy exercises helped her in getting a zero shape figure. Other than kareen celebrities like Bipasha basu, shilpa shetty also use power yoga for staying fit and healthy.

kareena kapoor diet plan

The urge to look the best,helped kareena in replacing parathas and noodles with soups and salad. Now there was green tea in her glass rather than cold drinks, her fried snacks were replaced by high protein chana’s and chicken breasts.

Now lets introduce you to her diet plan:
  •   Breakfast: She begins in her morning with a cup warm water with little bit of lemon, the after an hour she eats fruit salad with a cup of soya milk or curd. After every few hrs. she eats boiled or roasted chana’s to keep her self filled. She avoids paratha’s, butter, oily food all the time.
  • Lunch: For lunch she eats two chapati’s, a bowl of dal, boiled eggs without yolk. After 2 hrs. of lunch she consumes a glass of green tea with lemon in it. Green tea helps us in improving our metabolism, which is a very beneficial thing for those who are trying to shed some weight.
  • Dinner: Kreena’s dinner consist of Light soups without any cream and crotons/ plain vegetable salad. A glass of red wine and simple dal and roti. This meal helps her in staying in shape and also provides her energy for her early morning work out.

kareena kapoor workout

I hope you guys give a try to Bebo’s diet plan; she really looks sizzling even in her 30’s. Her diet plan is a perfect combination of proteins and vitamins and the best thing about it is it’s simplicity.


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