Kat Von D Before and After Plastic Surgery

By | Jul 20, 2016
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Kat was born on March 8, 1982 in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to Argentinean couple, Rene Drachenberg and Sylvia Galeano. Katherine Von Drachenberg who is better known as Kat Von D, is a renowned Mexican-American tattoo artist. She is broadly recognized as a tattoo designer for crafting intricate and artistic designs, and carves out various tattoos based on cultures and her childhood experiences. She believes her tattoo art is all because of her grandmother who used to give her insights into culture and cultural beliefs during her childhood.

Kat Von D Before and After Plastic Surgery

She got her first tattoo work at the age of 16 when she dropped out for school and started working in Sin City Tattoo in 1998 as her first job. For the next few years, she spent time in various shops, such as Blue Bird Tattoo and Inflictions, gaining experience and polishing her talent. She has got the emblems of a number of music bands like ZZ Top, Mike Got Spiked, Misfits, AC/DC, HIM, Slayer, Guns N’ Roses, and Turbonegro.

 Kat Von D and her much speculated plastic procedures…

Nose Job: Rhinoplasty has become a trend and is constant among american stars. After comparing Kat’s before and after pictures we get to know that she has got a nose job done. Her nose is now narrow and has got a beautiful shape which completely complements her looks. Her nose job is rightly done and has eradicated the bulbous shape of the nose.

Kat Von D Before and After

Fillers: The use of fillers is prominent on her face because she has got a completely new look which actually brings a sparkle on her face. Due to the fillers in her lips and chin she has developed a new appearance. But the chin area is supposed to be a bit more pointed and that seems unnatural.

Botox injections: She is speculated to have Botox Injections in her forehead region. All the lines and wrinkles have vanished and there’s absolutely no doubt of her not getting the Botox injections.

Breast Implants: Another trend to be followed is getting breast implants done. After a comparison between her before and after photos we get to see that her bust area is more prominent and enlarged. She has got much fuller and rounded boobs than the ever before thin and loosely bound ones.Also a list of her consulting a doctor for breast implants was generated on YouTube which is another evidence for that.

Kat Von D Before and After Plastic Surgery nose job

Eyebrow surgery: The speculation of her getting an eyebrow surgery done is like another gossip and is yet not confirmed because we can only make that out on comparing her before and after pictures that the position of her eyebrows is a bit different.

Whatever be the surgeries and procedures she has opted for, her looks have certainly enhanced and she now seems to carry herself well with her new and glam like looks. Even after such procedures she looks natural and well maintained and we still continue to love her as always. Good Job done Kat!