Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jul 3, 2016
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Kate Bosworth born on 2 January, 1983 is an actress and former model in America. Born to Patricia, a house wife and Harold Bosworth, worked as executive Talbots. She has the eye disease called heterochromia iridum. At 6, Bosworth’s family has to transfer from one country to another because of her father’s job. At the age of fourteen she developed interest in horse racing. She spend her life mostly on East coast. She completed her graduation from Cohasset High School in Massachusetts. She started her career from film The Horse Whisperer in 1998. The director of ‘Horse Wisperer’ wanted an experienced horse rider, thus baging a role in movie.

Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The film received appreciation from public and critics. In 2000, she started her TV career in Young Americans. She was part of few box office hits are Remember the Titans, New comers, Blue Crush, Superman Returns, Straw Dogs, etc. In 2008, she was the new face and featured in Calvin Klein Jeans. She also works as a spoke person for a bag brand Coach. She come up with a jewelry line called JewelMint with her friend Cher Coulter, in 2010. She had a tiffed personal life with boyfriend Orlando Bloom (actor) and Alexander Skarsgard (Swedish actor), in 2011. Again in 2011, she started dating Michael Polish whom she is married too. She likes to follow various Buddhism organisations.

Plastic surgeries

Kate Bosworth plastic surgeries are big buzz among the people. As her face and nose looks more attractive than before. There are spectulations on breast augmentation too.

Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery Before And After

Nose job

When Bosworth started her career, fans loved her nose more than her performance. The rumours suggest that she had underwent nose job as her nose now looks more pointed and refined from the tip. This transformation looks good on her face as she has oval face cut. Her apperance looks more better than before.

Collagen injections (upper lips)

Beside nose job, from her earlier images the upper lips arent looks fuller, but now rumours of collagen injections being taken by her. And gives her a pouty appearence which suits with her pointed nose.

Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery

Botox injections

Kate may had underwent surgery for her face to make her looks younger. She is inspected for having botox and fillers on face, which can be seen in her new pictures. It appears that she had underwent knife to remove wrinkles from her skin.

Breast augmentation

Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Every woman fancies of a DD cup size but sometimes they hate the busty boobs if they tend be saggy. That’s why Kate opted for a surgery that could redefine the shape of her breast and make them complement well with her figure.Kate suspected to have smaller size of breast that fit her body type and looks perfect on her. Kate wore bustier-style dress which indicates small size of breast.


Kate Bosworth is one of those lucky celebrities whose looks just transformed positively after the surgery. All the surgeries gave way to a beautiful Kate. Be it her’s nose job, lip job or the breast augmentation, everything made her a true diva whose charm would die harder.

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