Kate Moss Diet Plan And Exercise Routine

By | May 6, 2016
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kate moss diet secrets

“The road to health isn’t easy rather thorny, but important “

Kate Moss diet paln

Kate Moss an English model was born in Croydon, Greater London, England. The beautiful model was born on 16 January 1974 making her 42 year old now. She is daughter of Linda Rosina, her mother who is a barmaid and peter Edward moss, an airline employee. She has a younger brother and her half sister. She is both a model and a fashion designer by profession.

She was discovered in 1988 when she was 14 year old by Sarah Doukas; soon she had her first photo shoot for ‘The Face’ when she was only 16 years old. Moss was also known for her philanthropy behaviour. She supported the war child, designed a charm necklace for contributing it to aid the cancer research UK. She is married to Jamie Hince since 2011, and has a child with him. She is known for her waifish figure and role in size zero fashion. In 2012 she was listed 2nd in the Forbes list of top earning models that estimated her earning of $9.2 million in one year.

Kate Moss diet

‘I have the body of an eighteen year old; I keep it in a fridge’ Now let’s talk about Moss’s body shape; she has got stick thin arms and legs and a toned stomach. But we want to know how she was able to maintain it? Even at the age of 42 years and giving birth to a child. Still in a thin frame, she reveals this has been possible only because of her strict and particular diet. She tries to stay away from alcohol and only drinks vodka with fresh lime. She drinks a lot of water throughout the day, particularly before each meal. She also goes on a detox diet once or twice a year when she only lives on fruits and liquids for some period of time.

Kate Moss exercises

She named it ‘The Vibrancy Diet’. The diet primarily focuses on adopting a sensible three meals a day holistic health regime that can be followed easily by anyone, whether a supermodel or not. She depends on pro biotic yogurt and fruits for her breakfast. She eats chicken with vegetables or grilled fish for her lunch. With a proper balanced diet she also has this regular exercise regime for meditation and relaxation.

Kate Moss workout routine

kate moss diet exercise

Moss loves to go to swim which keeps her healthy and fit. She also practices yoga for mental balance and strength. She believes working out is as important as maintaining a healthy, balanced diet for the body to stay in shape. It does not only help her to stay fit it brings a glow on her face which makes her feel self confident and energetic to beat all the odds away in her way and be a success that people talk about.