Kathie Lee Plastic Surgery – Before and After Surgery

By | Feb 6, 2015
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In case you haven’t heard of Kathie Lee before note that she is a really popular American TV host. She was born on 16th August in the year 1953. Apart from being a T host she is also a well accomplished singer, songwriter and actress. He is best known for the talk show known as Live which Kathie Lee and Regis Philbin hosted together.


This talk show continued to air for a total of 15 years i.e. from 1985-2000. Kathie Lee has received a total of 11 Daytime Emmy nominations but it was in the year 2010 that she actually won her first Daytime Emmy award as a member of the today show team.

Kathie Lee as you may have figured out by now is in her 60’s and thus it shouldn’t be shocking that rumours of her undergoing plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her youthful looks seemed to have surface.



So the question everybody has been asking is whether Kathie Lee has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related to it completely false.

Kathie Lee Plastic Surgery Procedures

When you compare older pics of Kathie Lee to the ones taken off late the changes on her face can be seen quite clearly and that is why her fans around the world are sure she has undergone plastic surgery procedures.

The plastic surgery procedures Kathie Lee is speculated to have undergone are a face lift, Botox injections, rhinoplasty and also cheek augmentation. Rhinoplasty is the procedure done on the nose and it has been speculated by many because the shape of her nose seems to have been altered slightly. Her cheeks look fluffier than before and hence cheek augmentation has also been.


Since she is in her 60’s her face should have had some wrinkles and skin around the neck area should have been saggy or lose but that is not the case with Kathie Lee. Her skin appears to be smooth and her face is wrinkles free and hence Botox injections and also a face lift have been speculated.

Kathie Lee unlike many TV celebrities has never been scared of talking about the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone. In fact she has been quite open about most of them. She has accepted to have undergone all the procedure mentioned above except for a face lift.

It is in a book known as When I Thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg: Life and Other Calamities that she accepted that she received Botox injections and also underwent laser treatments. People thing that she does not talk about her face lift because it may not have gotten the results she was hoping for.


On her radio show Rosie O’Donnell did suggest that Kathie had undergone a face lift but Kathie challenged her that she could prove her wrong and went on to the an hour of the show without any kind of makeup and asked Rosie O’Donnell to look for any scars but she couldn’t find any.

So whether Kathie Lee has undergone a face lift or not cannot be proven yet.


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