Kathryn Morris’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 11, 2015
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Kathryn Morris is a really popular American actress and has loads of fans but in case you don’t know much about her note that Kathryn Morris was born on 28th January in the year 1969. She came in into the spotlight after her lead role as Lilly Rush in the very popular CBS detective Show known as Cold Case.

Kathryn Morris started her career in the year 1991 although then it was just a small role in the TV film Home. Once she made her debut she got numerous other minor roles in films. She also had role in the award winning film known as, As Good As It Gets.


Apart from movies she also appeared on TV and played a bit part role on one of the episodes of the 1999 TV show known as Xena. Once she got noticed her career took off and starred in various movies such as Contender, A.I: Artificial Intelligence, and also the very popular Minority Report where she played the role of Tom Cruise’s wife.

Kathryn Morris is not almost 50 and thus rumours that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her good looks are quite natural. Now the question most people are asking is how true these rumours actually are.

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Procedures

When you compare recent images of Kathryn Morris to the ones taken when she began her career you will notice that signs of her having undergone any kind of plastic surgery procedures are quite hard to find.


But some people don’t give up and are quite sure that she has actually undergone some plastic surgery procedures and the plastic surgery procedures Kathryn Morris is speculated to have undergone by these people are some weight loss procedures and also lip augmentation.

Weight loss procedures have been speculated by some her fans and curious people because they believe that she lost weight quite quickly especially around the face region and they believe such rapid loss in weight is not possible just thought a healthy diet and exercise.

Lip augmentation has also been speculated by some people because her lips appeared to be slightly disproportionate to her face and didn’t appear to be shaped properly. In CBS forum some people defended Kathryn Morris by saying the her lips appeared weird because she has applied a new lipstick and not because of any kind of plastic surgery procedure and that it would be best to leave her alone.


Even if Kathryn has actually undergone any kind of plastic surgery procedure it been done well because it’s hard to tell.

Now whether all these speculations are true or not cannot be determined as of yet since no reliable source has ever confirmed her plastic surgery procedures and even the photos on the internet are not clear enough.


Whether Kathryn someday comes out in the open and talks about her views on plastic surgeries and if she plans to have one someday or not is yet to be seen.

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