Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Apr 1, 2017
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Katie Cassidy

Katherine Evelyn Anita “Katie” Cassidy also known as Katie Cassidy is a gorgeous American Actress. A few year ago I saw her first time in the American TV sitcom “Supernatural” and since then I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her perfect look has cast a spell on me. Some people tell me that its all fake and result of plastic surgery, but I don’t care. But for now let’s not jump to conclusions, we will find out if it’s true or not in the later section of the article. Till then let’s find out who Katie is.

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Katie is young and gorgeous women born in Los Angeles, California in the year 1986. She is a very talented actress. And why shouldn’t she be? It all runs in her blood. Her father and grandparents are very successful actors in the American film Industry. This gave Katie the perfect opportunity to make her way into the world of American TV and Movies. Young Katie made her debut as an actress in the Famous Drama series “The Division”. This role was followed by numerous more roles in various American TV sitcoms like Flash, Arrow, Supernatural, the new girl etc. Finally, after a lot of hard work, she got an opportunity to appear on the big screen as a part of the movie “When a stranger calls”.

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

Till now Katie has experienced a wonderful and comfortable life. She has fame, power, money, and even beauty. It all sounds like the plot of a perfect picture, but behind the scenes, the things are not as good as it seems. Being a top actress requires a lot of struggle. The biggest struggle faced by Katie is to maintain her perfect look. She doesn’t mind the diet and exercise, but somewhere along the line, it becomes difficult to maintain the face. So there are rumors that Katie Cassidy went under the knife. Now you read on and decided if its true or not

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery pictures


Rhinoplasty refers to the nose job. It is the second most common form of plastic surgery around the world.So, coming back to Katie. There is news that Katie has gone under a rhinoplasty surgical treatment to enhance her face. If we compare her before and after photos, we can observe slight changes. I mean her nose does appear to be thinner and more pointy nowadays. Earlier it used to be a little wider with round tip, but I am not sure. This can just be lights and camera playing with our eyes and imagination. Katie still stays it’s all natural and she wants to remain this way.


I think this is a perfect rumor about Katie, but according to experts, she has gone under the knife. Katie sure looks fuller around her face with chubby cheeks. Earlier she had this flat and not so curvy face. I won’t say that she has gone under surgery for this. I think it’s all the result of diet and nutrients. And even if she had gone under the knife for this, things turned out perfectly fine for her. A little artificial beautification causes no harm.