Katy Perry Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 28, 2014
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In case you are fan of Katy Perry you should know that Katy Perry whose actual name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was born on 25th October 1984. She was nurtured by Christian pastor parents and started singing gospel music at an early age. During this period no one had actually thought that she would actually become such a popular singer.


Katy Perry launched her first album in the year 2001 and since then has created a huge fan following and is loved in all parts of the world. In fact Katy Perry is actually the first women singer to be able to get 5 hits on billboard 100 in 1 year.

In May 2011 she reached another milestone as she became the first singer to maintain her position in the top 10 list of Billboard Top 100 for 52 consecutive weeks. Though her 1st album wasn’t as successful as she would have hoped for, over the years she has gone on to become a singing sensation and even rivalled Michael Jackson’s record breaking album, Bad.


Recently rumours of Katy having undergone plastic surgery procedures seem to have surfaced and the question most people are asking is whether they are actually true or not.

Katy Perry Plastic Surgery Procedures

People who have been following Katy Perry since the time she came into the limelight cannot not believe the changes in her facial structure.

Many people suggest that Katy wasn’t as good looking in her 20s as she is now and attribute the changes in her face mainly to cosmetic surgery procedures but according to a few well known plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Salzhauer and Dr. Paul S. Nassif that may not actually be the case.

These specialists have gone on to suggest that nothing about her look is actually unnatural and that she does not seem to have undergone any big plastic surgery procedure. They also suggest that fillers to the lips and a Botox injection to the forehead maybe the reasons due to which her face looks to be different. They further explain that the changes in her face can also result from strokes of make-up since she is still quite young.


Even though many experts have suggested that her face is quite natural there always are people that will want to prove that she actually has undergone plastic surgery procedures to improve her looks.

These people compare older pic of Katy Perry to the new ones and suggest that she may have undergone breast augmentation because she has quite a thing body structure as compared to her breasts. Another procedure many people seem to speculate that Katy Perry might have undergone is actually a Rhinoplasty.


This is the cosmetic procedure performed on the nose and is also known more commonly as the nose job. People speculate that the bridge of her nose looks quite thin when compared to her older images but you have to keep in mind that it can appear that way due to factors like camera angle etc. so to attribute that to plastic surgery would be a wrong thing.

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