Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Feb 16, 2016
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Kenny Roger Plastic surgery

Born on August 21, 1938, Kenneth Ray “Kenny Rogers” is an American singer, song smith and record producer. He has been most successful with his country audience and is positioned as one of the best- selling music artists of all times. Kenny, unlike other men in the music world portrays his sophisticated looks which is different among others.

His biggest hits, The Gambler and Kenny has been awarded as the “most influential country albums” and has acted in a variety of movies and television shows like Kenny Rogers as the Gambler and his notable appearance on the Muppet Show.

The famous singer and song writer followed his fame with fortune in his hand. The singer is at his senior years but of course, no one wants to get old! He openly admits to having undergone plastic surgery procedures even if he was not pleased by some of the outcomes. Kenny took the decision to go under the knife to make him look younger and has shown that he is in his very fittest condition and is still the best to pose for those flashing cameras.

Kenny Roger Plastic surgery pictures


The list of his getting through various procedures for plastic surgery is a long one but he first tried plastic surgery in 1990 to eliminate the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead. The next time he went for plastic surgery he had undergone facelift, eyelid surgery and has had several Botox jabs on his forehead.

The plastic surgery gossip has never subsided because Kenny Rogers revealed that he has undergone plastic surgery to look youthful. In one of his interviews he has mentioned that he wanted to look younger to match his age with his wife Wanda Miller who was 29 years younger to him and has quoted himself as “a bionic man with no original working parts” in The Courier Mail during his tour to Australia. It was a celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Kenny Roger botox injection


He believed that the outcome of the surgery was something he did not wish for. It made his eyes look tighter and gave them a pop look , also it made his face skin look stretched and gave it a plastic like appearance. It gave him a false appearance which he admitted has given him that unique look.

Now, more than a decade later, his skin is getting back its own shine and radiance, it’s returning to its natural and youthful look.

Kenny Roger nose job

“As that stuff settles in it looks better and better. If I don’t die soon it’ll look great,” he quoted it in regard to the plastic surgery that has actually ruined his natural looks.

So it seems that this is a compilation to his plastic surgery woes. But every star doesn’t have a sad story to share some may even have positive stories to tell.

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