Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Apr 17, 2017
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So today we will be talking about, one of the most brilliant actresses from American entertainment and film industry, Kerry Washington. If you think she is related to George Washington, then you are probably wrong. She is new york girl, who was born and brought up by her hard working mother who was a professor and a really supportive father who was a real estate broker. Her mom is from Manhattan while her father was African. This interracial marriage of her parents gave Kerry the most amazing skin color. Kerry is one of the most beautiful women in the industry right now.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Although beauty is not all she has. She is highly educated women with double majors. Plus her brilliant performance skills was a cherry on the top. As a kid, she used to perform in dramas and plays. This talent of her’s was spotted by several people. Which ultimately helped her to get into her first TV commercial in the year 1994. Later that same year she got a part in a movie, which turned out to be her big break. Since then she has done several movies and has also been a part of multiple American Television Sitcoms. Her brilliant acting skills also helped her to get the limelight in several prestigious award shows.

Kerry has really managed to do great, in a really short period of time. She enjoyed the love of fans, the fame, and luxury. Although These things may have made her conscious. Kerry became way too concerned about her looks and appearance. These things may have influenced her to go under the knife. Although Kerry claims to be 100% natural beauty, but our experts don’t agree with her. Kerry is believed to have gone under multiple artificial beautification surgeries like –

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before and After


A survey has proven that rhinoplasty or nose job is the second most common type of plastic surgery in America. Almost every 1 out of three actresses go under this procedure and unfortunately, Kerry is one of them. Earlier Kerry had around and bulbous nose. Watching her in the recent photo shoots, I was able to point out the drastic changes in her nose. It looks firmer with and improved shape. It less round and looks smaller too.


This one doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I mean all you need to do is compare the before and after pictures and you will notice all the significant changes. Her newly implanted cheek look bigger and perkier. These new cheeksĀ have helped to lift her face to next level. She looks way too young, and I really think, she has never looked better than this.

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before  Pictures


A lot of women fear to get wrinkles and signs of aging. So eliminate that, they prefer to use botox injections. It’s possible that Kerry has used Botox to get a younger looking skin. I mean its nearly impossible to not have wrinkles and dry skin at the age of 40. And if it’s all natural, then I surely need to know the secret behind it.