Kesha Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jul 5, 2016
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Kesha Rose Sebert who resides in everyone’s heart as Ke$ha is an American singer and rapper who get her own way with fashion. This tik tock fame singer took birth on 1st of March, 1987. She entered the industry of melody at the age of 18 when she was signed by producer Dr. Luke. However her journey to fame began when she made an appearance alongside rapper Flo Rida’s for “Right Round”. With this followed “Animal”,her debut album in year 2010. From all her songs “Tik Tok” and “We R Who We R”, are all time favourite and was a creative piece that created history as it’s 14 million units were sold.

Kesha Plastic Surgery

Possible surgeries

A lot of her fans are in a fix, “did Kesha opt for plastic surgery?” Last five years of her career witnessed massive changes in her looks especially. Her controversial looks seemed to be overpowering her career. She also succumb to plastic help for surviving in this Hot Shot industry where looks and features are very important.

The Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)


This is something which everyone opts for without giving a second thought. A well chiselled nose is what all want as it’s the most prominent feature of the face. A mere look at her pictures tell us something is cheesy with her nose, the shape is not natural anymore. To be precise, the effect of the nose job can be seen at the nose bridge. It was quite heavy earlier as compared to now. This sharp nose structure yells that a plastic surgery happened, however some of her dear fans try not to adhere to the fact and credits makeup for this pretty change.

Her breast implants

kesa before and after boob job

One basic desire that every women entails is to have round and nicely pumped boobs. Ke$ha is no exception to it. The sudden change in the size and shape of her breastfeeding made people croon what just happened? We can’t call this change some late puberty anyway.Her augmentation has just made them perfect and they look bigger and rounder. The area even looks much tighter and strong. These changes clearly tells that a surgery took place.

Butt Augmentation

kesha plastic surgery

Along with her boobs, her butt also came under the scanner of fans and critics. The question was ” did she also opt for butt augmentation?” No doubt, its also trending these days, getting it done in today’s time is not a very big deal. The change in Kesha’s butt size preaches its use. This surgery is knocking all doors to make place in the hearts of celebs, thus Kesha was also targeted. While looking at her old pictures, there is nothing she could have flaunted as she had a flat butt. But if you glance at her recent pictures, there is a lot to them with lifted butt. This butt is perky and well in desired shape. Her surgeons deserve Kudos.


Her before and after images are the only thing that shouts the fact that she went under the knife, else there has been no formal commitment from tye singer’s side. She was always ignored the topic. Keeping her surgery and looks, there is a lot more to her identity, she is a popular singer and a dynamic personage who is widely loved and appreciated.