kim kardashin Diet Plan and Workout Routine For Weightloss

By | Mar 18, 2016
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Kimberly kim kardashin West born on 21th October,  1980  is a strong , beautiful and a classy lady who adorns a number  of hats ranging from being an American reality television personality, actress , socialite , businesswoman and model.Apart from all  this she is a well known  television  host . She came into limelight because of her friendship with Paris Hilton  but rose  to fame when her Scandalous Sex tape was released.

Kim kardashian diet

Later ,they bought all there family  in one show which  turned out to be a great success  and  opened up the doors for other shows. Keeping  up the kardashins” host who is known for her controversial wedlock where she married Kris humphries just for 72 days and then called it quits . Currently she is married to rapper Kanye West and has  two kids .

“Kim ” is that name that pops everyone minds as soon as a discussion builds up over the sensual figure of the Globe. Being a mother of two she has got a well shaped hour glass figure and was named as the 65th  most sexiest  woman .But her much talked figure is not easy to maintain ,   being a lady , expectedly She was also a victim of gaining  weight  during  pregnancy  as well as post it thus she felt a sudden urge to control it  despite  knowing  the fact that it’s going to be extremely tough but still she ensures that she is determined  enough to be back in shape .

 kim kardashin Diet Plan and Workout Routine For Weightloss

The diet plan that Kim follows:

Breakfast:Egg white omelette with vegetables Fruits ( usually  banana)Protein  shake  Peanut butter smoothie and simple salad She is widely known to be working on the Atkins diet.

She was lashed by Chloe  Madeley  for crash dieting , low carb Atkins diet through  which  she lost 30 lbs , she openly tweeted about her association  with the company and stated her weekly target that was targets loosing  2 lbs a week.Her experts chose the number intelligently So that it does not affect her breast milk and she gets proper protein  during the post pregnancy delicate years.

 kim kardashin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Soon after the birth of her second child  saint she resorted again to atkins  scheduled diet to shed all the pre baby fat that mounted to a whooping 130 lbs. This atkins diet is planned  in such a way that it allows her  to have sufficient carbohydrates to regain her energy  while breastfeeding her son saint.She binges on protein  and heavy low vegetable diet and can depend on low  glycemic  fruits like berries.

 kim kardashin Diet Plan and Workout Routine For Weightloss

Atkins works on the principle that you can intake more calories as compared  to a normal diet but then even loose more weight  comparitively  .Her goal weight is far behind  but her action plan including  her diet and gyming  habits would help her in the best of the ways, Her trainers too have faith in her One of her atkin  trainer said ” she is motivated and smart  , committed “.


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