Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 14, 2017
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Kim Novak

Born on February 13, 1933 in Chicago, Marilyn Pauline Novak is an American actress. She has been known as a sex symbol in Hollywood and also for her great acting skills. She has received a string of awards and nominations and has been a part of several films. She currently is retired from the film industry and now is a phographer and a visual artist.

Kim Novak before and after plastic surgery

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Kim Novak has been a beautiful lady in her earlier days in the industry and has been known for her great acting skills. Suspection of her undergoing the knife is no new because the changes on her face are remarkable enough to mark it. 2014 Academy Awards saw the actress with a changed appearance that could not be gulped easily back then and that there has been no end to the same right away. She was featured as a completely different woman and that she doesn’t seem to be natural and it is just a new version of her. Not many years have passed in since the brought change and she has been trickled many times for undergoing such harsh change to maintain her looks and continue her beauty.  Let’s have a look at her brought about changes:

Cheek surgery

The most prominent change that can be seen is in her cheeks and that it is certain from the changed look that she has had her plastic surgery done. Her cheeks now have got a different edge with a line demarcating her cheeks on the face, which sort of reflects that this is a case of surgery gone wrong. Also there’s a level of plumpness her cheeks bear now and that a plastic procedure can be easily made out.

Lip surgery

 If you go on comparing her before and after pictures you will get to see that her lips have acquired a stretched appearance and appear to be plump and luscious in shape.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before And AfteR


A nose job can also be made out easily due and the changed appearance is the reason is because of the narrow nose structure and the nose gap as well. This changed appearance has not been bought properly and that has resulted in an awkward nose structure lately.

Botox Surgery

This is something that she revealed publicly on her facebook account to shut all the unwanted comments which were diffusing her personality as a whole. She said that she has had botox fillers and that it is safe to get botox fillers than to have a facelift.

Kim has always been regarded as a great actress with fabulous features but after the surgery she has been facing a lot of shaming for the same but what is important is that it is someone’s personal choice to have something done on their body and what they wear on their skin is not important and that how they are to you is what is important. In true words she is a leader and has been handling things quite well.