Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Apr 4, 2017
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Kristen Storms Plastic Surgery

Kirsten Storms an American actress who started her glamorous career two decades back in 1996, where she pitched in as a guest actress, diversified her skills by working as a lead on several projects like soap operas and animated TV shows. However, her portrayal of Maxie Jones in general hospital was very well received. Just like her other General Hospital colleagues like Kelly Monaco, she too got some beauty enhancements to look younger and better.

Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Almost all the actresses and actors who have to be in front of the camera whole day long gets struck into the Web of self-consciousness and ends up having unplanned cosmetic surgery. Thus for most of your favorite actors, it’s not just a common rumor but a well-concealed fact. It is difficult for ordinary followers to understand their urge to be under the knife when they already had roles under their kitty. The dynamics of this industry can be well explained to fans, these actors live under constant threat of being chucked out of the business,  especially when the signs of aging are quite apparent. In order to protect and maintain their celebrity status; they readily succumb to their surgeon’s advice. The most common trend among the celebrities is that they surely use cosmetic help, but they do all sorts of tricks to keep it under wraps. 

A list of the members of General Hospital who went under surgeries contains her name. Several of well-acknowledged studies claim that these actions may be done out of a mental sickness where either you’re behavior is complex, very uncomfortable within your skin. In the wake of this, mental sickness is always cuffed under the layers of plastic.

Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Before And After

The overall conclusion is that before judging your stars on the basis of the way they look, you need to understand one thing for sure that it’s quite possible that their reason was genuine and their well-being was dependent on that one issue. Kristen storms basically got a rhinoplasty (nose job) as claimed by the plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer on some prominent discussions forum. 

Kirsten Storms Plastic Surgery Before And After nose job

The change in the shape of her nose can be seen from her before and after images. Her nose is now slimmer. Natural tips are usually not this sharp and perfect. The look suits her quite nicely and adds the needed tone of panache. Rhinoplasty is not that easy than it seems because any minor fault can lead to major trouble and ruin the career. Celebrities always take up some mock sessions with her surgeons because after spending heavy money if the results are not desirable then you would have another deal of regrets.