Lara Flynn’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 25, 2015
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In case you do watch a lot of TV you may be aware of whom Lara Flynn Boyle is but in case you do not note that Lara Flynn Boyle is a popular American actress who best known for her roles in various hit TV shows. She was born on 24th March in the year 1970.

Lara Flynn Boyle is most popular for her role in the TV show Twin Peaks. Apart from that show she has also appeared in some other hit shows like  Law and Order and The Practice.


In The Practice she played the role of an assistant district attorney. As far as films are concerned Lara has only appeared in a few movies. The movies in which she had had a role to play are Happiness and also the very popular Men in Black 2.

Lara Flynn Boyle in now into her 40’s and being a celebrity there is always a need to continue to look good and thus it is no surprise that rumours have started to float around that she may have indeed undergone some kind of plastic surgery procedure in order to look younger.


So the question is whether Lara Flynn Boyle has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it false.

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery

If you compare old younger pics of Lara Flynn Boyle to ones taken recently you will see that there are a few changes on her face. It is because of these changes that speculation of her undergoing plastic surgery procedures surfaced.

The plastic surgery procedure Lara Flynn Boyle is speculated to have undergone includes a Botox injections, lip fillers and also cheek fillers. Although Lara Flynn Boyle is 44 years old now when you look at her you will feel as if she has never really aged at all.


There appear to be no sign of wrinkles on her face thus it is speculated that she may have received Botox injections. Her lips and cheeks appear to be plumped and that’s the reason many people speculate that she may have received Lips and cheeks fillers.

Lara Flynn’s plastic surgery procedures generated a lot of negative reviews in the beginning. Many people said that her face looks plastic and that she may have just taken it a little too far.


Many people even claim that her face looks slightly emotionless which can happen due to overuse of Botox because it makes your face slightly unresponsive although it is not one of the worst plastic surgeries there is no doubt that the results could have actually been better.


Lara Flynn Boyle has never come out in the open and spoken about her plastic surgery procedures nor has anyone close to her done so and thus there is no definite way to prove that Lara Flynn has undergone plastic surgery procedures or not. Whether she opens up about them in the future or not is still to be seen.

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