Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 2, 2017
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Lauren Graham

Born on March 16, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lauren Helen Graham is a Hollywood actress and an author as well. She is very well known as Lorelai Gilmore from the series Gilmore Girls. She initially used to work as a teacher and a waitress and got her first public view when she walked in the costume of Striker and started becoming a part of short commercials for a long while and her very first on screen role came with Townies, which was not such happening. Later, in 2000 she grabbed a role in Gilmore Girls which came out as a hit.

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery
Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery

As the industry is moving on towards plastic surgery procedures and opting for it, Lauren Graham is no exception to this. She is rumored to have undergone several of the plastic surgery procedures and has surgically enhanced her looks. Though there is not much of revelation regarding her going under the knife and has lately never confessed or talked about her beauty enhancements. Well, if there’s a comparison drawn in her before and after pictures we can easily make out that she has definitely had a plastic surgery done. Let’s have a look at her plastic surgery procedures.

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Pictures
Nose Job

a nose job is pretty sure here in this case. On comparing her before and after pictures you can easily see that there’s a defined difference in her nose shape and structure. She earlier used to have a bloated nose and now what she bears is a very thin, narrow and a pointed nose. Her sharp nose enhancement is a note to her undergoing the knife to get the surgery done.

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Botox Filler in neck and face

recently, in an interview, Lauren appeared to be bouffant and that it seems she has had something done. Well, there are even speculations that she might be suffering from some medical condition and that is the only reason the sudden puffiness over her face, neck and nape.
When asked about her undergoing a plastic procedure for the, same she replied “I don’t ever plan to do it, but I don’t know how I would feel. Like, if you have worked with and hung out with, as I have, Diane Keaton. She’s in such good shape, you know?

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She, to my knowledge, has never had anything done. And why would you? She looks great, and she doesn’t look fake. The standards have changed, and people do much more in that world than they used to. It’s not a fair playing field, in a way. I have an interest in looking good, but I have a fear of not looking like myself. I’ve had much more success than I ever thought not being iconic in the beauty sense, so maybe I’ll just continue to rest on my personality.”Well, even If she has had these plastic procedures done it is all up to her and that till the time she is happy with her decisions it is all okay and fine.