Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

By | Jul 1, 2016
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Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lee Hyori is a singer of Korean origin and was a part of various other professions like that of an actress, record producer, prominent activist and a Television anchor. At this age of 35 years, she can really make people sratch their heads because of her extremely pretty looks. She is a singing sensation and her personality acts like a cherry on the top. Apart from receiving laurels for being the best singing artist, this woman also knows how does it feels to be the highest-paid female singer in South Korea, this happened with her when she signed an agreement with Mnet Media.

Possible Surgeries

Her looks and a youthful charm are complete winners and people immediately loose their hearts. Her flawless skin and polished features make people think twice that is it natural or some knife is at work? This is a big matter of debate and the debate further strengthens on the positive side because Korean personalities are dependent on theirsurgeons for improved skills.

Double eyelid surgery

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery

It is one of the most common surgery type opted by Korean personalities. Korean personalities without a double eyelid surgery are rare to find. Lee hyori had dominating eyelids and to get rid of it, she reasonably opted for the surgery. This procedure gave her eyes much finer shape, that makes eyes look bigger and better. Morweover she was lucky in this regard to get a safer surgery.

The breast implants

Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery nose job

Then comes her boob job. Some od her pictures that recently went viral made people think that she underwent breast- augmentation. Now, her boobs looks much round and better than before.

Nose Job

This result is not as apparent like that of other surgeries. The tip of the nose has all the difference. She might got only it operated. The tip is much sharper as compared to her previous pictures.


Lee Hyori Plastic Surgery Before and After

The entire structure of her teeth speak a different language now. Hr teeth are well alligned and their arrangement is just perfect, this all is said to be a doctor’s gift instead of God’s. If you just got to know her now, you might be surely appreciative of her teeth but a look at her earlier pictures can change the perception.


Lee hyori is someone who has never tried to break to the building rumours, she is a confident public image but has always stayed away from public for this matter. Her double eyelid surgery called for no confusion rather her boob and nose job were weaved only around speculation, they are not yet supported by facts. But if you have a clear look even you won’t doubt accepting that she seriously went under the knife for augmenting her breast size and sharpening her nose.

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