Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | May 29, 2017
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Hello everyone!… welcome back to our website.So today we will be talking about yet another person who has been a landmark in the entertainment and film industry of South Korea. I am talking about the Gu – Jun Pyo! , yes he is none other than Lee Min Ho. Lee is one of the most handsome and attractive men alive on the lands of Korea. Although his looks have always been under controversial talks, how does it matter? He still nails it. So before discussing and gossiping more about Lee’s looks, let’s find out who he is.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee is a sensation singer and Actor from the lands of South Korea. So, the young actor was born in Seoul South Koreas in the year 1987. Although as a kid Lee wished to become a football legend but and unfortunate incidence in his teenage shattered his dreams and hopes for peace. But the brave man didn’t leave hope and searched for a new passion. In this high school, he finally decided to pursue music and acting as his career. After completing his graduation from acting school he did some small roles and appearances in multiple TV shows. Then finally in the year 2009, Lee got his biggest breakthrough. Since then the man has never looked back.He always keeps moving forward motto is really inspiring.

Lee is an amazing person and people love to see him perform. Unfortunately, this fact made Lee more and more nervous. His fear of losing fame and his charm made him go under the knives. Although this wasn’t a bad decision, things worked out really well for Lee. So let’s see what all plastic surgeries he has through-


Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery pictures

Rhinoplasty also knew as a nose job is a very popular plastic surgery among celebs. They are often unsatisfied with their nose shapes and sizes.
The same was the case with Lee. Although Lee went under the knives before he became famous. Before the plastic surgery, his now was round, wide and bulbous. His nose looked all bumpy with big round tip. His disliking for the round nose made him go under tip-last. Now his new nose is slimmer and pointy towards the tip.


Lee has gone through the procedure of lip augmentation. Earlier he had small and not so attractive lips. Unsatisfied from that he had a surgery to make his lips looks fuller, more plump with a better shape along the edges of the lips.
Also, Lee is believed to have gone under some kind of mouth surgery, where his jaw line was adjusted or fixed to make him look more attractive. The surgery simply pushed his jaws backward to give him a perfect square-jawed look.All the surgeries of Lee turned out really well for him. His improved looks have helped him to get more jobs in the film industry.