Lee Min Jung Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Aug 31, 2016
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Lee Min Jung is a flawless actress from South Korea who has been winning hearts since the past 34yrs. She started on her journey to theatre by starring in Jang Jin’s stage plays and further broadening her horizons by performing as supporting role in films and advertisemenst. Golden years in her career can be traced from 2009-2014 and her fans been looking up to her ever since she backed 9 straight awards in 2010.

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The years have passed but her appearance acts as a mirage that makes her look like a 17yr teenager. There isn’t a day she didn’t appear as adolescent as she was in her high school images. It seems globalisation has spilt plastic surgery all over the map! All the way from the Pacific to Korea.Koreans obsess over perfection and in order to abide to the culture Lee Min Jung seems to be on the right path. No wonder why all the Koreans have a lot of similar features.

Recently , Lee Min Jung’s school photos spurred a reaction from her fans and followers.Nobody could believe she is the same person without accepting the fact that some knives had been used on her .Lee has always had a perfect body. What excites everybody is the fact that either puberty hit this lady pretty hard or she probably just landed up going through surgeries on her face!

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So was it hormonal or just wonders performed by the doctors ?


This is something that Snow White’s stepmother should’ve known long back !! Botox hinders generation of wrinkles and hence makes one look younger.This surgery is extremely common in South Korea. In fact, they prefer discouraging wrinkles from a tender age of 14yrs. Lee denies the fact that she has ever had any plastic surgery but she admits to the “botox”. Since botox is friendly in the region she doesn’t consider it to be called a ”surgery”.

Double lib Surgery

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Squinty eyes are a distinctive genetic feature of Koreans. Hence , celebrities prefer a double lib surgery that opens up their eyes. Gives the ideal “eyes” as defined in the books of beauty. One might notice this change in Lee’s eyes too but that is so finely done , it is difficult to figure out whether its even there or is it a taboo. She must’ve got it done from an extremely skilled doctor, atleast that’s what we can assume !

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Fat Injections Under The Eyes

Under eye fat injections ? This can’t be a sign of beauty ? That’s what confuses everybody. Infact bags under the eye are either a result of sleep deprivation or well “ some injections”. Whatever the case it seems to be a beauty mark to have such puffy eyes and a crease over the cheek when you smile in the Korean concept of beauty. They find it simply sexy ! Lee is updated to this trend too.

Jaw Contouring

It is definitely one of the most dangerous surgeries but Lee seems to have taken a leap for it, courageously. This surgery creates an elongated jawline like a V shaped jawline. The round shaped jawline depicts chubby on your face ! Lee ,who once had the face of a cute adolescent now has the sexy jawline of a Victoria Secret model. However , she denies the fact and comments that the change in jawline is as a result of weightloss. Whatever maybe the case , Lee Min Jung is simply an epitome of beauty . Plastic surgery or no surgery at all , the doctors wouldn’t have managed a glow of delight on her face, could they ?