Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | May 30, 2016
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Lee Si Young is a successful South Korean actress and an amateur boxer, who was born on 17th April 1982. After pursuing her majors in fashion designing from Dongduk women’s University, she followed her dream of making her career in acting.Having said that, she made her debut as an actress in 2008 , as a guest appearance in the TV series Urban Legends Deja vu. However, within a matter of a year she gained popularity in her field of work by playing several roles as a supporting actress in movies like Boys over flowers, loving you a thousand times and many others.Her first big break was a leading role in the romantic comedy meet the in-laws.

Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery

From playing the role of a tomboyish bodyguard in wild romance (2012) to the most desired woman in How to use guys with secret tips (2013) , Lee played all her roles tremendously well and just as we say , ” Her pretty face, faced it all!” However, like many Korean actors and actresses, Lee also convinced herself into getting not one, but several different plastic surgeries done.We must praise her for one thing though, and that will be , ” not denying her face getting changed”   Lee si young is now known to have had many plastic surgeries done, as it can be noticed from her photos and yes, she clearly has admitted to them, stating that she cannot deny it, given that it is very evident from her recent pictures.


Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery pictures

The popular Korean actress clearly has had a nose job done.As we know it, Rhinoplasty is a procedure which focuses on reshaping and adjusting the length of the nose which has been done in the case of Lee.

Lee, as seen in her earlier pictures, had a rather flat and not-so-appealing nose. It was more like an organ on her face and not a feature!However, with the nose job done well, she now has a better looking and better shaped nose, which suits the actress and is well versed with her face.The actress now has a nose which is beautifully shaped and is rather long and pointed than being flat and short as it was before.

Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery before and after


The eyelid surgery , also known as Blepharoplasty, is another plastic surgery which has been very popular among the celebrities and the page three people, for having bigger and better looking eyes. It is done in order to remove the excess skin from around the upper eyelids.

Lee Si Young Plastic Surgery

Lee not only got a nose job done, but also an eyelid surgery.The actress formerly had small and not so focused eyes. But later on, when she got her eyelid surgery done, which was obviously very evident from the actress’s photographs, her eyes looked bigger, with the upper eyelids lifted.Lee Si young, now 34, looks more beautiful with the surgeries done well. And yes, she has more eyes catching up on her than ever before!