Lee Sung Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Jun 10, 2017
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Did Lee Sung Kyung Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Sung Kyung, very well known South Korean model plus actress. The kind of baby looks she has, has already won her a massive fan base. However, the ball of appreciation has shifted its location from her court at least. Kyon’s immature images surfaced all over the Web. Many netizens sat up with a sprang to make comparisons and pave way for any suspected surgery. When you talk about surgeries and Koreans then double- eye lid surgeries is the most basic one to think about. Lee’s case was no exception.

Lee Sung Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Eyelid surgery

Who does not crave for bigger eyes? Celebrities especially need expressive eyes. Basic slit eyes fail to make lasting impressions on screen. Double eyelid surgery lets you have bigger eye holes but the procedure is very complicated.

Lee Sung Kyung was smart on her front and entered the biz world only after getting a double eyelid surgery, her young images show that she was surely good looking but her eyelid was bulky and covered a major part of her eye. A quick comparison of her before and after images calls for a surgery. Even when you can get double eyelid transformation by using lens but her case is very subtle and smart and confirms that she went under a knife.

Lee Sung Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After

A Rhinoplasty

Probably, she never had a nose job because there is no change in the shape of her nose. She has always embraced the bulbous side of it and never propagated the idea of having a chiseled nose like all her counterparts.Lee Sung Kyung has maintained an overall natural look and a double lid surgery is considered a mere cosmetic treatment. Her approach to the glamor world has been the least synthetic. 26 is a tender age, if you fall to your surgeon’s advice at this age then your confidence along with your money is at stake.