Lee Yoo Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jun 27, 2016
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Lee Yoo Bi Plastic surgery-true or false?

Who is Lee Yoo Bi?

Lee Yoo Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Lee Yoo-bi is a South Korean actress born on November 22, 1990, in South Korea to Kyeon Mi-Ri(mother).Her career began with a sitcom Vampire Idol followed by drama series such as Scholar Who Walks the Night in which she played a leading role, Pinocchio, Gu Family Book, etc. She also worked in movies like Twenty, The Royal Tailor, etc.

Lee received best new actress award in mini-series of Scholar Who Walks the Night on December 30, 2015, by MBC Drama Awards. She also received 2014 SBS Drama Awards for a new star in Pinocchio.

The possible surgeries

Lee Yoo Bi Plastic Surgery

There’s a craze spread among Lee’s American and Asian fans whether she inherited her mother Kyeon Mi-Ri’s looks or she is so beautiful and slender as a result of plastic surgeries. Viewing her before and after pictures, there is a significant change in many of her facial parts as well as her body which may be due to plastic surgeries. However, we have no perfect proof for her surgeries except her pictures and it can be pretty obvious for an actress in the limelight to undergo plastic surgeries when they’re so much in fad.


Being an Asian it is a natural inheritance to have smaller eyes, however, there’re many ways to overcome that. Looking at Lee’s before and after pictures one can see that her eyes looked smaller and not so fuller before.The possible conclusion is that she may have had her eyelids tweaked for a fuller and richer look as they now seem wider and larger overall.


Lee Yoo Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures nose job

Noticeably, from her pictures her nose has changed a lot. She may have undergone a nose job as she might’ve wanted a sharper nose.Previously, her nose was naturally thick and now her nose seems to be augmented from the bridge to the tip in a 75-degree angle which now, suits better to her face frame.


Evidently, her pictures also signify a change in her chin. It seems much more shaped now as compared to the chin she used to have when she started her career. This maybe owing to better makeup but makeup contours, it doesn’t change the shape completely.

Botox injection

Lee Yoo Bi Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Compared to her look as a rookie actress, Lee has a big difference in how her face looked then compared to present day scenario.She joined a new MC for SBS’s Inkigayo with Kwanghee and to memorialize her first day, she performed a stage singing from Disney’s animated movie “Frozen” called “let it go”. Dressed in a silver dress, she looked attractive but what was more noticeable was her puffy face for the audience. It may have been the makeup but it also can be a possibility of botox injection.Botox helps get rid of the fine lines and stretchy skin, however, it has side effects. A puffy face is one significant side effect of Botox.


Despite the comparisons, Lee has not provided or commented on any such news related to her surgeries and we leave the decision upon the audience to notice from the evident picture comparisons as well write-ups.

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