Leslie Visser Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

By | Mar 11, 2017
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Hello to everyone out there! welcome to out website. Here you get to know about the deep secrets of the most popular celebrities known around the world. All you need to do is keep reading. I can assure you that no one knows these celebs as well as I do. I have my complete life dedicated towards learning and knowing these celebs and I simply love to sum it up here for all of you guys.

So today I will be discussing someone very popular from the world of news and media. She is known as the most gorgeous and brilliant sportscasters of all time. Yes! I am talking about none other than the Legendary Lesley Visser.
Lesley Candice Visser is the most popular and admired sportscaster in America. She is also known for her work as Radio or TV personality and sports writer. She is very talented women who were born in Quincy,Maussachusuets, America in the year 1953. She says she wanted to become a sports writer since she was 10 but the poor job conditions for women held her back. It wasn’t until 1974, that she got an opportunity to write about sports. The small spark turned out into a huge flame. In no time Lesley turned into a world best sports writer. Her hard work has only helped her to move forward in life.

Lesley was born beautiful. Even as a young sports writer she was said to be the most beautiful sports writer in the whole wide world. Unfortunately, this fact was changed after her horribly executed plastic surgery. She is truly a good writer but not at all good at plastic surgeries. Let’s see what all she did in order to destroy her admirable natural appearance-


Leslie Visser Plastic Surgery

This was something that went right for her. Earlier Lesley had a big, wide and bulbous nose which looked really bad on her face. This made her go under rhinoplasty. Her new nose is all smooth, slim, thinner and perfectly round and pointy at the same time. It’s good that there is something that helped to save her horrible new look. I am sure you all must be aware by now that nose job or as you may call rhinoplasty is the 2nd most performed plastic surgery in the entertainment and film industry.


I think this is the worst design that Lesley ever took. The young natural beauty turned into and artificial disaster because of these BOTOX injections. If you compare her before and after picture, you will very easily be able to point out the difference. Although, there is one good thing that her skin still doesn’t show any signs of aging. Lesley is in her 60’s and looks 25 years younger according to her age. She has absolutely flawless, smooth skin, without any wrinkles. Though the stretched skin produces a lot of speaking problem for her.