Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 18, 2016
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Born on July 11, 1974 Kimberly Denise Jones also known as LIl Kim is an America rapper, song writer producer, actor and model. Kim was born and raised in in Brooklyn, New York and spend most of the years of her life in the streets after getting thrown out from her parents house. Lil Kim got inspired for rapping from big sensations like Diana Ross,MC Lyte and The Lady of Rage.

Lil Kim is a very successful actress as well as singer. There are so many movies and songs on which she has left her mark. Being talented and famous has its on perks and gaps, she always have to look picture perfect. Many Celebrities follow the natural path to look beautiful but unlike them Kim chose to take the short cut. Like other celebrities she too took the road lot travelled and just like them her destiny was a plastic surgery clinic. From nose to hips Kim got every thing altered.



She wanted to look different and that what surgeons did but the result was not as good as Kim thought. Now Her name is listed in the world’s most terrifying plastic surgery, not only that people find her smile and face very scary now, what else can we say about her choice. She has always been unique and maybe thats why she wanted the same with the ongoing trend of plastic surgery, her expectations may have been met by her surgeon but the ones people had with her have totally been wasted.

Kim always hated her nose and that’s why she went under the surgeon’s knife, so that she could have one of those slender and sharp noses but the surgeon had different plans, he only altered the slant of her nose and left the plump end as it is. This made her nose look hideous and you can see that yourself in the picture below. Nobody knows what her surgeon was thinking while working his knife on her nose.Many people joke about her nose and say that the surgeon surely would have some grudges against Lil Kim.


After her nose the surgeon went for her lips. He made her upper lip as plump as her lower lip and now she looks like a scary goldfish. Kim also got her skin tone changed and because of that she now looks anemic.

But Kim still couldn’t find herself satisfied, so she again went under the surgeon’s knife. This time she got her a boob job and an ass job. Her breast were altered and made a lot bigger that what she had and the same was done with her ass.


Her fans mock how stupid and weird Kim looks now. When we compared her before and after pictures we were amazed to see how beautiful and natural she used to look but now she looks like a joke written by some crazy surgeons. Well we wish the best of this world to Kim and we really hope that her career doesn’t gets affected because of her plastic surgery blunder.



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