Linda Evans Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Aug 16, 2016
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Linda Evans is an American television celebrity, born on November 18, 18942 in Hartford, Connecticut. She is the second of three daughters of Arlene
And Alba Evenstad. Talent ran in Linda’s veins and the credit will go to her mother and father who were both extremely talented dancer. For Linda acting and drama was never the world she dreamed of. It was the therapy class which introduced her to the world of acting. She used to take those classes to overcome her shyness and lack of confidence. To be spotted by the crowd he changed her sir name to Evans from Evenstad

linda nose job

Linda started her career from a show called Bachelor Father and from there the journey never end. Now at 73, unlike other celebrities of her era, Linda still works and has been seen a lot on the small as well as big screen. Some of the shows and movies she did are The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet , The Big Valley. Wagon Train etc. But the show that changed her faith was Dynasty in the 1980’s, she was highly applauded for her role and became a very strong part of Hollywood.

Did Linda have a Plastic Surgery?

Linda has always been known as a woman with natural beauty, her perfect figure, beautiful eyes and curves always made people wonder whether she went under the knife or not. When rumors started to spell about her sudden change in the looks, many magazines questioned her about her new looks and unlike many celebrities; Linda disclosed every single detail of her plastic surgery procedure. Many of her fans appreciated her honesty while others mocked her choice.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong:

linda evans worst plastic surgery

Unlike the Kardashian’s Linda’s plastic surgery turned out to be a complete mess. In may show she disclosed how much she regrets her decisions and wishes that she had never gone under the knife. The surgeries that were operated on her include a lip job, nose job, eyelid surgery, filler and a face-lift.


In this surgery, the upper or the lower part of the eyelid is changed but unfortunately, Linda’s surgeon messed up the work due to which Linda ended up with some crazy eyes. Fortunately, her eyes don’t look very scary after makeup.

linda evans before and after

Lip Job:

When we look at Linda’s before and after pictures, all we manage to see is her gigantic upper lip. Her pursuit for perfect lips has surely not been achieved. Her surgeon made her lips really big, so big that her fans wonder how she manages to drink and speak with such big lip.


When we look at Linda we surely miss that beautiful face she used to have once. The fillers which have been injected in her cheeks has made her face look unnatural and scary. Her new cheeks are extremely big and shiny. Many people believe that such weird cheeks are a lot like Barry Manilow’s Plastic Surgery. Many wonder whether she both went to the same surgeon or not. Keeping that apart, our condolences are with Linda and we wish the best of this world to her.