Linda Evans Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Feb 7, 2015
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Many of you might be aware about Linda Evans. She was once considered by many to be one of the most natural beauties to appear on TV. For those who do not know who she is note that Linda Evans was born on 18th November in the year 1942 in Hartford, Connecticut. She was known as Linda Evanstat earlier but changed her name once she rose to fame.


She got her first role in TV as Audrey Barkley in the popular TV series known as Big Valley but really came into the spotlight after her role in the hit movie Dynasty’s which was released in the 1980’s. Both her parents were dancers she was only 3 years old when they moves to Hollywood. As you may already know that Linda Evans is now into her 70’s and rumours of her having undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her looks come as no surprise at all. So what most people are wondering is whether Linda Evans has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumour related to it completely false.
Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Procedures


When you compare older pics of Linda Evans to the ones taken recently the changes on her face can clearly be seen. The plastic surgery procedures Linda Evans is speculated to have undergone are rhinoplasty, cheek implants, lip augmentation and blepharoplasty. Rhinoplasty is the procedure done on the nose and is also known as the Nose job by many people. Linda Evans’s nose seems to be quite straight and even and that’s why a rhinoplasty has been speculated by many.

Her cheeks appear to be fluffier then they were before that’s the reason people suspect that she has had cheek implants too. Lip augmentation has been speculated because her lips appear to have become bigger which is not possible without surgery.

Botox and a face lift have also been speculated because even at this age there hardly are any wrinkles and nor has her skin become lose or saggy like it should at this age.


Blepharoplasty which is a procedure done on the eyes has also been speculate because the shape of her eyes seem different. She may have also gotten a brow lift in order to look younger.

Linda Evan’s plastic surgery rumours are actually not just rumours and even though many people consider the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone to be bad, Linda Evans does not like hiding her plastic surgery procedures.


Many experts feel that she has overdone the plastic surgery procedures and in interviews with Oprah and also Diane Sawyer even Linda Evans has accepted that fact the her plastic surgery procedure have actually gone wrong and that she shouldn’t really have undergone so many of them.

Now in her 70’s Linda Evans is quite happy with her life and has no plans to undergoing any kind of plastic surgery procedure in the future. She now lives in Washington and spends her time cooking and has also written a cook book called Recipes for Life.

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