Lindsay Lohan’s Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 6, 2015
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Lindsay Lohan was born on 2nd July in 1986 in New York. She started her career with Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap in 1998. The audience was mesmerized by her fresh appeal and she was nominated as the Favorite Female Newcomer for the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Since then she has featured in many hit films like Freaky Friday (2003), Mean Girls (2009), Scary Movie 5 (2013) among others.

Although Lohan gained immense popularity at a very young age, she couldn’t keep herself grounded, disillusioned by her fame and success. She developed serious issues with drugs and alcohol and even ended up in jail at one point.


Although Lindsay herself never confessed undergoing any surgical enhancements, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher has noted that she definitely had some work done particularly after 2006. He complains of an excess of filler injections that is apparent on her face. The plastic interventions she went through hardly did her any good but stirred another round of controversies about her.

She lost all her teenage charm and vibrancy as she appeared even older than her age. Her before and after plastic surgery pictures clearly bring out a difference in her looks suggesting a lip job, a face lift and breast implants. All of these have ruined her looks completely.


After the lib job even though her lips appear fuller, they are far from appearing natural. One look at her pictures and you can easily spot the cosmetic exaggerations behind her lips. The surgery has stretched her lips much more than was required and it now seems as if she is constantly trying to pout!

Her face lift too has gone horribly wrong. She has lost her plump and fuller cheeks to unnaturally sharp and altered ones. This has in fact changed the very shape of her face harming all the bubbly looks she was once loved for.


However some people believe that Lindsay Lohan never really had any major surgery except breast implants. The change in her face could also be attributed to an overdose of Dermal Fillers as Dr. Fisher pointed out. Dermal Fillers are ‘non surgical’ injections used in the lip, cheek and under the eye to refine the appearance of one’s face.

The most prominent disaster of all is the boob job that Lohan had. It has made her breasts ‘stand out’ artificially against her figure. It appears more weird since she was naturally gifted with assets that complemented her body perfectly.



Breast implants was the last thing the actress would have ever needed. Now her breasts appear unnecessarily bigger and voluminous.

Whatever cosmetic procedures the actress had turned out to be a complete disaster and have only added to the long list of bad decisions she has made to invite all forms of negative publicity. Her surgeries have made her look quite literally ‘plastic’!!


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