Madonna Befor and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Sep 14, 2015
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Beauty queen and singing sensation Madonna has always managed to kill her fans hearts from her mesmerising beauty. Madonna Louise Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958 in Bay City, Michigan. Madonna and her brother Christopher Ciccone, had a very pleasant childhood. Madonna is a now a famous american singer, actress, songwriter and businesswoman.

Now in her 50’s, just like other Hollywood celebrities Madonna too tried her best to dispel the effects of ageing on her beauty. It is said that Madonna is one of the first celebrities who chose to give a try to plastic surgery. She has introduced surgery many times to bring perfection on her ageing face. Her surgeries include face lift, Botox injection, eyelid surgery, nose job and cheek surgery.

Being addressed as one of the most beautiful woman on earth is a very big title and Madonna has done everything to keep herself forever young. The girl who brought in the fashion of red lipstick has never disclosed her plastic surgery and claimed that she wanted to look natural always.


She believes that inner beauty is a lot important that the outer but it is hard to hear such words from her after reading the list of surgeries she applied on herself. When asked how her skin still looks so glowing and tight her answer is always a good healthy diet and yoga.

Even her eyes look different that before and to that Madonna’s answer was that she is using Dr Brandt’s cream which is rich in vitamin C and E and of course green tea. When we asked are experts the laughed and said it’s surely a miracle committed by her plastic surgeons.


If we compare her before and after pictures there is no part of her face which looks like it used to. Her neck, chin, jaw, nose almost the entire face looks different but still Madonna has never claimed anything about her going under the knife.

No matter what we think or see we cannot be sure of the authenticity of our report as Madonna has not accepted that she did went through plastic surgeries and the advancement we are seeing in make-up nowadays can also be blamed for her perfect looks.


So what do you think? Has Madonna really went under the knife or it is really her hard diet and yoga which has brought forever youth to her even in her 50’s. This thing remains a very big question for us and her fans. Madonna is titled as one of the most beautiful woman alive and whenever we look at her pictures we understand the reason behind.

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