Marcia Gay Harden Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jul 4, 2015
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Marcia was born on 14 August 1959 in California. She had appeared onscreen for the first time in the little-known film The Imagemaker (1986). She did minor roles on TV after getting her first mainstream role in the film Miller’s Crossing (1990). She went on to work in a series of films like Sinatra (1992), Used People (1992), Safe Passage (1994), Convict Cowboy (1995), Spy Hard (1996), Far Harbor (1996), etc. that didn’t get her much attention though.



She finally bagged her breakthrough role in the film Pollock (2000). Since then she has given outstanding performances in films that got her a huge fan following as well as critical acclaim. Some of her most successful films include Mystic River (2003), Space Cowboys (2000), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), The Mist (2007), Used People (1992) and American Gun (2005).

It is rumored that Marcia has gone for a Botox, facelift and a rhinoplasty in order to enhance her looks. Given her age, Botox and facelift are quite justified.


The rhinoplasty also resulted in subtle changes that might as well pass for being natural ones. However an overdose of Botox is quite apparent on her face.

Today more than a medical procedure Rhinoplasy has become one of the most readily available options for Hollywood stars to have a perfect nose. It has become a means to improve the shape and proportion of one’s nose in order to enhance their facial harmony. The results of the nose job have been quite pleasing and have helped enhance Marcia’s facial harmony.


In fact the actress had a well defined nose before the surgery as well. Only her nostrils were oddly wide and upturned. After the surgery, they are less prominent than before. The change however is not dramatic and makes Marcia look as natural as before.

Sadly, she wasn’t as discreet with the use of Botox as with the rhinoplasty. The excessive use of Botox is quite clear in her recent pictures. Her extra smooth and tight skin sometimes make her face appear almost frozen. Her forehead is also unnaturally shiny and glossy.


The absence of any fine lines or wrinkles on her face, which would be impossible for a 55 year old to avoid naturally also point towards a facelift the actress opted for. She has managed to erase all signs of ageing such as skin sagging and wrinkles with the help of this facelift.

However the results of Marcia’s cosmetic procedures have received mixed reactions from fans and experts. The rhinoplasty has been appreciated since she still looked naturally beautiful after it. However after the use of Botox coupled with the facelift, a weird change could be noted in her smile. An overuse of dermal fillers prevents her from smiling the way she did some years back.

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