Margrot Robbie Plastic Surgery Before And After

By | Mar 10, 2016
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Born on 2 July 1990, Margrot Robbie is an Australian actress. She started her career in the 2000s by playing roles for movies featuring Australian independence. She later won 2 logie awards for her work in the TV Opera Neighbors. Later she worked in big movies like About Time, The Wolf of Wall Street etc. Robbie was born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Her Mother Sarie Kessler is a physiotherapist whereas her father a former farm-owner. Robbie has 3 siblings older brother Lachlan “Lockie” Robbie, younger brother Cameron Robbie and an older sister, Anya. At the age of 17 Margrot moved to Melbourne to pursue her acting career.

Margrot Robbie Plastic Surgery Before And After

Margrot and her fans are going crazy for her upcoming movies Tarzan and Suicide Squad. According to the wide spread rumors, Margrot has gone under the surgeon’s knife for refining her features. She wanted to look different in both of her movies and that’s why she decided to change the way she used to look. From her nose to the texture of her skin everything look changed to perfection.


Margrot Robbie Plastic Surgery:

Margrot Robbie Plastic Surgery

Whenever we look at her before and after pictures we are clearly able to see the big change that has come on her face. Even her breasts look a lot bigger than before. The changes that have suddenly appeared in her are a clear sign of plastic surgery. In this article we will introduce you with her before and after pictures as well as the details of her surgery, so lets reveal the Plastic and find out Margrot Robbie’s plastic surgery story.


Nose Job:

Margrot Robbie Plastic Surgery Before And After pictures

Margrot has no doubt went for a nose job, her old nose was a little bumpy from the sides and wasn’t very sharp and narrow but now we see a very sharp and slender nose on her face, Such a change can only be brought through plastic surgeries. Even heavy dieting cannot change the shape of a nose and only a surgeon can only do this miracle.

Botox Injections and Skin lift:

A major change can be see in the texture of her skin, even at the age of 25 she has skin of 16 year old. There are no pimple, acnes or spots on her face, only a creamy smooth skin that looks similar to perfection. Such a difference is a result of her having Botox Injections. A big change can be seen on her jaw line too, her jaw looks very well defined, which is a sign of skin lift. The skin around her jaw has been tightened for revealing a better definition of her jaw.

Margrot Robbie boob job

Breast Augmentation:

Also known as boob job is the main cause behind her suddenly enlarged breasts, It is impossible for a girl to have a lean body as well as big breasts because breasts are nothing but fat deposition and that’s why Fashion models have a flat breasts but when we look at Margrot we see a slim yet curvy girl and that’s the strongest proof that she has had plastic surgery.


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