Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 25, 2014
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If you are a Mariah Carey fan than I am sure you might stumbled across news related to her having gone under the knife to enhance her looks. In case you have heard the name for the first time and want to know who she is then note that Mariah Carey is one of the best pop singers and has an excellent voice. She was born on 27th march 1970 and comes from Huntington New York. You should also know that Mariah Carey is actually married to Nick Cannon and is also a mother of 2 good looking children. Over the years she has won a lot of awards.


She has achieved a total of 5 Grammy awards including Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She was the best-selling female artist during the 1990s. Even her latest album Merry Christmas II you has been appreciated and loved by fans all over the world but the question many people are asking is whether Mariah Carey has undergone any cosmetic procedure so far or not.


Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Procedures

In case of Mariah Carey, fans and other inquisitive people who like to keep in touch with celebrity gossip after comparing older images of her to the ones taken lately have come to the conclusion that Mariah Carey has gone under the knife and like Sharon Stone has got procedures done to both her face as well as her body. Many of her fans also believe that she may have also undergone procedures like a tummy tuck and also breast augmentation once she gave birth to her children.


Another thing to keep in mind is that she is quite old as compared to many of the young actresses and singer and thus it is quite a possibility that she might opt to go under the knife. Mariah Carey is also the kind of person who knows quite well how to take care of her body and face and she also has enough money to get the procedures done if she feels the need to.

Tough what you need to know is that all these rumours and reports are actually just rumours as of now and nothing has been confirmed yet so completely believing them would be wrong. Mariah Carey has herself gone on record and denied having gone under the knife. She in fact attributed all of the changes in her body and face to weight loss once her children were born and her age. Now there is a good chance that she might actually be right. Attributing each and every change seen in a person to plastic surgery procedures is wrong. Natural causes to play a role and can make a person look different.


Even Dr Anthony Young who is a well-known plastic surgeon seemed to agree with most people that she had actually gone under the knife and said that it was not possible for her to have such stretch free skin and be so flat after having twins. So whether she has had any procedure done or not is still a question many people are asking.


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